capital is Reykjavik, which means Smokey bay, has a population of 322,000
people recorded in 2016. It has a nickname of the land of fire and ice, and
many languages are spoken there such as Icelandic English German and also Nordic
language. Most of the population of Iceland are 80% are members of the Lutheran
state church and the other 20% are Christian from other branches such as the
roman catholic church. The currency used in Iceland is called Icelandic krona and
1 Icelandic krona is equivalent to 0.0070 pence! Iceland was founded by the Vikings
and the first people to land in Iceland in 870 were the Scandinavians who ruled
Iceland until it became a republic in 1944. Iceland is mostly covered in ice
glaciers and geysers and has about 20 active volcanoes, it lies on two tectonic
plates which is were the volcanoes are based one of them is called the Eurasian
plate the other is the north American plate. The geographic coordinates of Reykjavik
has a latitude of 64 degrees and a longitude of 21 degrees and the elevation
above sea level Is 37m