Analysis;     Boutique
hotel industry has growth in several customer trends which can be supported
demand of industry services. There are some special
elements in boutique hotels that will influence some customer to purchase a
product according to their needs and preferences, the elements can divided into
two main parts including; namely tangible and intangible (Chang
and Wong, 2005). Moreover, many of participants agreed
that in term of boutique means that the hotels are elated to its small sizes
and personal attention that those hotels are more about guest experiences
rather than the design, however some of participants mentioned
that boutique is not much more than a marketing tool (Henion,
N.A). According to the interview with
Mr. Boy, Inn A Day Hotel’s design and
its concept are one of the main marketing tool as he mentioned several times
during the interview not only design part question but also in overall.


            Additionally, “With
the continued variation and segmentation of hotel products in the past 20
years, a variety of expressions have been used, but until today there is no
industry wide standard vocabulary for the different hotel types” (Geldner,
2004). Generally, there are various definitions of
different hotels, there are many hotels with unique concepts such
as boutique lifestyle and theme concept. Mr.
Boy said that Inn A Day Hotel bases on timing system in one day which is
a remarkable theme that lead to be different from competitors by using the
unique images of the hotel placing in market niches.
Examples of guest rooms show in (figure 1.8, 1.9)
the hotel provides chic environments with unique concept
in each rooms, the designs allow customers to be more enjoyable and new
experience of new features. The studies of consumer
perception in hotel industry have shown that environmental certifications can
possibly enhance customer awareness of both restaurant also environmental
efforts (Schubert et al. 2010; Zhang
et al. 2012b). Furthermore, “in some cases the atmosphere of the place is the primary
product” (Kotler, 1973).  In A Day Hotel provides the atmosphere
of factory, chic and cozy that customer might found it interesting also be
involved in their decision making to stay in the hotel. 

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