CHAPTER 1: WEDDING DAYIf this is a dream, I never want to wake up.?Yeah, I know that it’s been 6 months since Sync asked me to marry him when we got back together and honestly? memories of when he cheated on me still haunt me even up to now but I just still can’t believe that I’m finally getting married to the love of my life- To the father of my beloved son, My idol since day 1, My other half, the last puzzle that completes me. We’ve been through ups and downs to the extent that I almost gave up on us but now.. now everything is just perfect. Maybe it’s time to let go of all the pain he has caused me in the past and start anew and be stronger together. Perhaps this is the happy ending that I’ve always been longing for.?As planned, the wedding pushed through after Ate Corrine and Zeke’s wedding, Sync’s former bandmates. All our friends were present, and gosh! Both our baby blue and Sync looked really handsome! I’M THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! All our relatives and friends were there.. including Kevin. He greeted me, “Congrats, Momo. I’m happy for you” but before I got a chance to thank him, he suddenly disappeared. I could see the pain in his eyes. This wedding must’ve really been painful for him.. Poor Kevin.. if it wasn’t for Sync, I probably would’ve chosen him.?I was still thinking about Kevin when Aila pulled me, “picture!”, she shouted and so I posed for one and with Aila, we went straight to the pantry to meet my husband. (I still am not used to calling him my husband, SQUEEEE!)?There he is, standing with his black locks flowing, “I don’t deserve this”, I said to myself. As soon as he saw me, he rushed over and hugged me tight. “I missed you, Mrs. Mnemosyne” My heart skipped a beat when he said this. Soon baby blue also ran to join the hug. I love this feeling, that feeling when you’re just secure and certain of everything. Damn, I would do anything for my family.?The day pretty much just passed by quickly and the next thing I knew, It was time for Honeymoon. Just like husband and wife, we made love but this time it was different- It was so special, so intimate. There was a strong connection between us; He hugged me once more, “I will never let you go; I love you, Momo” We then cuddled until we both fell asleep.