A as diverse as the businesses they define

A mission statement is a clear and concise description of a company’s primary goals, objectives and purpose. It attempt’s to answer the fundamental question, “Why does our organization exist?”The mission statement helps to articulate and focus attention on the company’s main objectives for both for those work and operate within the business and for the the end consumer, customer or clients.Mission statements are just as diverse as the businesses they define and they describe a variety of of best practice and the main core values which best describe the business or organizations respectively.An example of my mission statement for running my own child daycare center would be as follows:Mission Statement    Work in partnership with both parents and children to enable children to develop outstanding education in within the day care Nursery that best suits their individual     needs and their and that of their families.    Enable best practice to provide an innovative, creative and progressive perspective on all aspects of childcare for parents, children and all members of staff.    To Improve and develop all physical aspects and environments.    Provide all aspects of physical and mental health and promote a happy environment for all children in our daycare so that children can feel happy, relaxed and safe.    Provide an environment where all children can feel a sense of belonging and can respond cooperatively with both adults and other children.    Provide a planned and varied healthy diet, fresh air leisure activities in a safe and happy environment.    Introduce children to a wide range of appropriate learning materials and situations as possible to meet their individual requirements.    To employ, retain and motivate positive staff input, development and productivity through excellant management practice, rewarding incentives, effective training     within a satisfying work environment and to provide excellant structured staff salaries.    Promote and encourage fair and equal opportunity.    Foster parental participation, involvement and actively develop good inter relationships between staff, parents and children.