A disorder,it’s a condition that makes it a

 A child’s well being can be affected by many things as they grow up. Their childhood is the foundation for how they will behave, think and grow as they enter adulthood. However, one of the factors that affect a child’s well being is Autism. When a child has Autism they face overwhelming impacts how they will live their life       Autism is a permanent childhood disorder,it’s a condition that makes it a challenge for a child verbally,non-verbal,physical and socially. Most children with Autism don’t understand basic social skills,that we take for granted. Over one third of children with autism are non verbal,and they don’t use speech.Children with Autism often like to follow certain patterns,or repeated behaviours,and some may have a sensitivity to bright light or loud noises.Some other children have physical problems like trouble walking and picking up small objects. Autism can affect all children with different ethnic,racial and socio-economic group. It ties up with a mixture of genetic and environmental influences. Early interference with this disorder can help make a lifetime difference.In Canada 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism,and the number has increased over the last 10 years.        Half of the children with autism have an average or above average IQS. It’s also common for children with autism to have a great long term memory,for certain details. Many children with autism excel in many different subjects like math,science,music or art. The behaviour varies so much that researchers believed they were different disorders like Asperger Syndrome. In 2013 scientist realized that the boundaries of the diseases are different,and put them in different names. Some scientist think genes plays a role because if often runs in the family. Some children with autism have abnormal chromosomes. This made it easier to diagnose Autism. Which is important the younger someone is diagnosed the earlier they can get help. Many children who have Autism,will show signs by the age of two. The signs will include not responding to their name,avoiding eye contact,flapping their hands or rocking repeatedly.Even though there is no cure for autism therapy and medication can help children adjust.