Abraham working hard he was able to co-own

Abraham Lincoln and the American DreamBY: Ramon CastroAbraham Lincoln came from a poor family which other presidents come from a rich family. When he was only seven years old he started working in the farm with his family. Which other presidents instead of working they would get educated so they could be smart. And Lincoln did not go to school so he didn’t get as much education to become a president. He taught himself  how to read and write. Even though he could not attend school, he knew it was important to learn. It was a hard time for him because his mom died when he was nine years old and she was the one that would tell him that learning is important. His friends said that when he wasn’t working in the farm he was learning. After the years of working hard he was able to co-own a general store for several years. Until he sold his portion of  the store to become a military captain. He was also known as being a good leader. As a captain he developed a reputation for pragmatism and integrity, once he faced with a rail fence.After the war he studied law, and ran for a campaign on the Illinois state legislature. Although he wasn’t elected on the first try. Lincoln preserved he won a position in 1834, serving as a whig. Lincoln met Mary Todd in springfield, Illinois were he was he was practicing as a lawyer.  Which their he got married in 1842 over her family’s objections and four kids, which only one of his kids lived up to adulthood. With occasional detours into outright madness, is in some ways sourced in their close relationship with death. He was on the kansas nebraska act, over slavery and its place in the united states foreign into a prominent figure in national politics. Lincoln’s anti slavery platform made him extremely unpopular with southern and his nomination for presidential in 1860 enraged them.On november 1860 , lincoln won the presidential election without the support of a single southern state. So people thought that it was lincoln’s fault the civil war happened but it was not entirely his fault. But the election was one of the primary reasons why the war broke out.In 1865, lincoln ran for president again. After some years of war he thought that he was not going to win again. A string of heartening victorious buoyed lincoln’s chance of being re-elected. And contributed significantly to his re-election. He accomplished his only goal to end with the war. Only one month later of his reelection the war ended. https://www.civilwar.org/learn/biographies/abraham-lincoln?gclid=CjwKCAiAy4bTBRAvEiwAFtatHP-C3kSK60_RKN0uXN5qxkNO3hZLZZdv_LKsrEvG5_L0TX09P5D4ehoCyVoQAvD_BwE