After and research required to support proposals and

watching the “Judgement Day” video, it became clear that there is a major
difference between scientific data, and data that clearly is not
science-related. In the field of science, there is a lot of evidence and
research required to support proposals and theories. If there is a topic not
related to science, not as much experimentation, observations, or research is
needed to be done to support if something is right or wrong. The work that
scientists do, whether it’s the subject of chemistry, biology, genetics, or
evolution, consists of using measurable and possibly even tangible evidence to
back up their theories. Non-scientific ideas, on the other hand, are typically
ideas that are just thought of, without much research and evidence to back up
whether it is a true fact or not. Many ideas in the world can spark a
controversial debate regarding science versus non-science, and the video showed
how the topic of intelligent design is one of them.

of the speakers in the video felt passionate toward which side they were on and
what they believed in. For those who believed in creationism, it was obvious
that their faith and religious standpoints were the only pieces of evidence
they needed to prove that that was how mankind began. For those who believed in
sole evolution, they had scientific backgrounds that provided them with
information to back up theory’s like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. These two
differences alone go to show how those who lean toward science have
explanations that tie back to evidence or strongly suggested theories. The
creationists follow the word of what their religion teaches them, instead of
relying on background information that has a logical and somewhat concrete

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design, according to the video, “has sparked both discovery and intense debate
about the origin of life on earth” (Judgement Day). Mentioned inside of an
article, it is also said that “creationist views reject the idea of scientific findings
and methods” (Science, Evolution, and Creationism). The controversy it
introduces to the field of science has clashed with the ideas of evolution. The
idea that all life suddenly appeared on earth, with no growth or change over
time, is opposing every view an evolutionist has on the start of human life.
Due to the ties intelligent design has with religion, many scientists do not
believe the ideas of intelligent design could be true. The fight for
intelligent design to be taught in a classroom setting has also stirred up
disagreements, since it cannot be backed up with evidence as sufficiently as
evolution can be.

on the other hand, uses a lot of suggestions from scientific findings to
support their beliefs on the start of life. Evolutionists use the backbones of
science to draw conclusions and propose theories that are as accurate as
possible to the evidence found. The video mentions that in science, “a theory
holds more weight than just a fact does” (Judgement Day). Evidence has become
extremely powerful and has confirmed scientific facts versus non-scientific
facts make a lot more sense when you are able to find indications and logical