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Akata WarriorKyla1/15/18Akata warrior ?by Nnedi Okorafor is set in Nigeria in the summer. The book istold from a third person point of view. The genre is young adult fiction andparanormal fiction. I would use the word adventure to describe Akata Warrior.The book is about a girl named Sunny Nwazue. She lives with her parents andher brothers. A year ago she found out that she has magical powers that allowedher to do things from shape shifting to being able to heal someone’s wound.She met her now best friends Orlu, Sasha and Chichi who also have powers. Orluis the same age as Sunny (13). He enjoys reading books about the mysticalcreatures that are in Leopard Knocks. Leopard Knocks is a place that is unseento a regular humans eye. Only people with powers like Sunny can get in. Chichiwas born into a family who has powers so she has always known that she hashad them. She is more advanced in being a lepard person which means sheknows more juju spells then most kids her age. Sasha is a boy from america. Hecame to Nigeria so that he could stay out of trouble and get better at using jujuspells.The book is filled with alot of twists and turns. Sunny has to sneak out at nightto go get lessons about juju’s and the ways of the Leopard people. She has athing called a spirit face. She needs it to get in to lepard knocks. Her spirit face’sname is Anyanwu. One day Sunny and her friends were crossing the bridge toget into leopard knocks. Then an evil spirit that she met last year appeared andtried to kill Sunny. She ended up removing her spirit face. Sunny felt bare. Herspirit face was a part of and now she didn’t have it and she couldn’t get intoLeopard Knocks.Sunny has to find her spirit face. She and her friends make this plan to go andfind it. At the end of the book in order to find her spirit face she has to faceEkwensu again. Without her spirit face she is just a regular human with somejuju spells that is facing a giant fearus monster. She almost loses her life. Whenshe defeats Ekwensu she realizes that she is just as powerful without her spiritface as she was with her spirit face. She saved the world and her friends allwithout the protection of her spirit face. All she had to do was believe that shecould.I give the book 9/10. I really liked it. Nnedi Okorafor did a good job of keepingthe reader interested throughout the book. I do not remember reading a part inthe book that was boring. The plot was easy to follow. I liked how one of themessages of the book was if you believe in yourself you can do anything. Itmade me realize that I don’t need to rely on other people to do my best and bemy best self.