As not limit ourselves with just using programs,

As a teacher, our responsibility is to make the classroom environment conducive to learning. The classroom condition that best facilitates this would be one in which there is a positive learning environment. The understanding of learning disabilities, and the students understanding and value of the material being presented helps the students learning process. An interactive  Classroom environment helps to have an effective learning environment. When students actively participate, they are more likely to pay attention and learn. I also believe that it is relevant if the information can be presented in a way that it can be used in real life situations. The teacher’s role is to motivate students to learn, I think you can stimulate interest by a combination of lectures, and the use of visual/tactile components.I come from a diverse background as a Black, American Indian, Irish, Woman. I have dealt with and have friends from all socioeconomic backgrounds. I respect and cherish our differences. I believeChildren should embrace their differences, and be proud of who they are. I believe no matter what your background, you can learn we can’t expect less of, or leave them behind. Modern technology in the classroom is important to obtain educational information for classroom or homework assignments. Technology can offer educational games that is stimulating to children who may have difficulties focusing on traditional teaching and learning lessons. The internet has opened the doors of learning to children with limitless possibilities of research and learning. I would integrate technology into my curriculum with the introduction of educational games appropriate for the age of students. I also think we should not limit ourselves with just using programs, but to also teach coding and computer science to give them an introduction at a young age. By the time, they graduate there may be millions of jobs that need to be filled.