Brianna tribe known as ‘the peaceful ones’ who

Brianna Marshall & Brenna GheenMrs. GodbyWorld History1/22/18Hopi Native Americans have been around for hundreds years, although not many tribes have stayed together into the twenty first century. That is, of course, except for the Hopi. The tribe known as ‘the peaceful ones’ who has carried out their traditional rituals in Northeastern Arizona for centuries. The Hopi lived in pueblos and pit houses because of their dry surroundings. The Hopi, like most Native Americans had agriculture. However, unlike most other early communities, the Hopi saw men and women as equals. The Peaceful Ones were an impactful group that we can learn alot from. The Hopi tribe valued working together and having a well balanced, close-knit group of people. These things all played a major role in what kept their tribe together over so many years. Of course, they are not the only native americans left, but the Hopi are one of the few that are still in their same area and living nearly the exact same way they did hundreds of years ago. Many Indian tribes in modern days have split up and scattered throughout the world. They still have the beliefs of their ancestors, but do not stay with their tribe. The Hopi have stuck together because of great leaders and a well set up society. On top of their well established society, Hopi also had well built structures. Unlike many Native Americans who may have used tipis, the Hopi built structures out of thick dried mud. These structures were called pueblos and pit houses. The pueblos are the more advanced version with windows, allowing in sunlight and air flow. When the dried mud was used and constructed correctly, it could hold up for quite a while. Another great benefit of these homes was how easy it was to repair them. Because it was just mud, when part of the home became damaged, it was easily fixed with a patch. To us, one of the most significant and interesting qualities of the Hopi tribe is how much they value women. The Hopi tribe had a huge amount of respect for women and fertility. They honored their elders whether they were men or women. They also were one of the few groups of people back then that allowed to women to rule and take charge of things. The Hopi society holds to their name of the Peaceful Ones by seeing and appreciating the value in everyone. This great tribe known as ‘the peaceful ones’ has carried out their traditions and respect for centuries. The Hopi creatively constructed pueblos and pit houses in their dry surroundings. Unlike most other early societies, the Hopi saw men and women as equals. They firmly believed in equality and respect for all. The Peaceful Ones were an compelling group that held up to their name.