CHAPTER the school in Indonesia and gave it



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A.    Background

       Course book has been used not only
for helping teachers to have the direction of their teaching and learning
process by its complete material but it also help students for comprehending
their material even they are at home. (Parrish: 2004) cited by (Cheng, Hung and
Chieh, 2011:91) describes benefits of using a textbook can meet a learner’s
needs or expectations of having something concrete to work from and take home
for further study. Students can learn the material given by their teacher at
home in any time they want. They also can learn any of the chapter or material
in their course book that haven been taught by their teacher.

       In Indonesia the right of publishing
course book was obtained by the private publisher and government publisher. The
government publisher usually publishes some handbooks or course books from some
ministries such as the financial ministry, agricultural ministry, educational
ministry, etc.  Since the changing of
curriculum 2006 to 2013 in 2014, Indonesia educational ministry tried to publish
all the course books for student of elementary and high school to be the role
course books for the students. They distribute it to most of the school in
Indonesia and gave it for free.  Even the
government publisher already published the role course books for 2013
curriculum, but there are many of the private publishers were also published
2013 curriculum course book.

B.     Research Problem

Each book has different purpose, style and quality. That is
why not all course books can meet students’ need. Using the criteria from Alan
Cunnigsworth, the writer would like to evaluate the English course book from
the ministry of education.

C.    Purpose of the Study

purpose of this study is to evaluate the English Course Book for Senior high
school published by the ministry of Education by using the criteria of
evaluating a course book by Alan Cunningsworth.

Research Question

research question of this study is

Does the English course book for 11 grades published by the
ministry of education meet the standard of a good book according to the
criteria of Alan Cunningsworth?

What recommendation can be drawn from the XI grade English
text book?

Objective of the Study

on the background of the study, there are 2 objective of this study:

To evaluate the XI grade English text book according to Alan
Cunningsworth’s criteria of a good text book.

To give recommendation about the XI grade English text book
to the writer, publisher, and other English teachers who use the book.

F. Scope of the Study

study will focus on evaluating the 2013 curriculum English course book for 11
grade published by the ministry of education. This study will only do an
evaluation on limited aspect of the book such as the aim and approaches, design
and organization, language content, and skill.  

 Significant of the Study

writer hope this study will give contribution to Senior high school English
teachers, text book writer, text book publisher, and other researcher in
English language education.

For Senior High School English teacher      

The writer hopes, this study will help teachers to evaluate
their teaching materials especially the text book that they used for their
teaching and learning process. This will help teachers to improve their
teaching and learning process.

For text book writer                                     

 The writer hopes this
study can give recommendation for the text book writer and point of view about
what should be emphasized in the text book according to the teachers and
learners need.

For other researchers

The writer hopes this study can give a new idea for other
researchers to conduct similar study with different level of learners and more
specific aspect of evaluation.

H.  Definition of Key

avoid ambiguity, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation about the key term,
the writer defines the key term as follow:

2013 Curriculum                    

 2013 curriculum is still a competence based curriculum
in that the objectives are formulated in terms of the prescribed or target
competence or the outcomes                  
                               of language learning, (Agustien: 2014)
cited by  (Firmansyah, 2015:3).

Course Book                                 

 A book used by students when they do a
particular course of study, (Cambridge dictionary). 













Literature Review

In this chapter, some theories
related to this study will be mentioned and explained. The following subchapter
will explain those theories further in order to make the reader ful understand.
All of the theories are come from any sources, such as book, online and offline

Course Book

       In this millenia era, our published
material are uncountable. Course book is one of them. You can find any course
book for any lesson in any book store. In Indonesia you can find course book
with a range price from Rp. 7.000,00 until Rp. 500.000,00. Here, in Indonesia
printed course book is still dominant rather than e-course book. Only few
schools and students who used to use e-course book. So, whenever you enter an
educational environment such as school, university, library, or  classes, books will be everywhere. 

       Cunningsworth (1984) cited by Ozdemir
(2007:8) stated that most teachers use published teaching material at some
stage in their teaching career. No matter where they teach, what they teach and
to whom, they use some coursebook or other published material for it is time
and money saving. Therefore, they have to evaluate the materials to make
judgment and to reach sound decisions about them.

       The statement from Cunningsworth show us
the important role of course book in the teaching learning process. In general,
they said to be a learning tool (Graves cited by Nunan, 2003:226). It is said
as a tool because of its function to help teachers explain the material in a
good sequence and help students to understand the material deeply through
detail explanation and exercise inside it. A good course book will be a good
guide for both teacher and learners to reach their goal of study.
Unfortunately, the course book which produced for general need will not meet
the goal of your study. “No course book will be totally suited to a particular
teaching situation. The teacher will have to find his own way of using it and
adapting it if necessary” (Cunningsworth cited by Ozdemir, 2007:9).

Description of the text book


Evaluating Course Book

Textbook Evaluation Criteria by

       There are four criteria for evaluating
course book according to Cunningsworth (995:15-17), The criteria will be used
by the writer to develop checklist for the textbook evaluation. Those four
criteria are: Corresponding to the learners’ needs, reflecting the present and
future language, facilitating learning in various ways, and having a clear role
as a support for learning.

       Corresponding to the learners’ need
means that the book facilitates the learners’ content and communicative
needs.  They should match with the
government curriculum for 11 grade learners. They also have to cover spoken and
written skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

       The next criteria that should be covered
by a good text book is reflecting the present and future uses of language. As
the language grow, the text book should reflect that changing in its content,
so the learners can catch up with the language used in the daily life. It also
need to cover the language used by the learners in their personal, professional,
and academic situation to facilitate learners with the language use around

following criteria, a good textbook should facilitate the learners’ learning
process. It should have various kinds of tasks and topic that facilitate kinesthetic,
visual and auditory learners. The explanation about the language items and
skills need to have both explicit and implicit style.      

      The last, it should have a clear role as
support for learning. Supporting a learning process does not mean only
supporting the learners by covering learners need. It has to support the
teachers too by providing ideas for teaching and learning process, good
teaching materials, and answer key.



















Research Method

In this chapter, the writer will
discuss the design, the subject, and instrument of the study.

Design of the study

This study will use content analysis
technique which will be report in a descriptive qualitative research. It will
analyze the English text book for XI grade that produced by the Indonesian
ministry of education.