Communication be a useful key to make work

Communication in Facebook is the skill that they need because it’s important to know how to communicate fast, effectively, clearly and as intended, when one has the ability to communicate with other in positive matters you can be able to establish positive relationships. social networks in internet has helped  provide the opportunities for people to communicate through a computer, according to lehrman in 2010 “Facebook has more than 350 million users registered” Facebook in commonly used by people communicating with friends and family, people can communicate with those who live far away. To build a good and effective team to work you have to learn how to build confidence, trust and friendship. this is a long process but makes the work easier.this requires many skills for example good behavior,trust,good attitude,flexibility and leadership. this could be a useful key to make work easier. it’s hard when you are shy or don’t know anyone on the team. the best thing is  being with someone you know because scientist have tested that the result is better so this create great new ideas for their page “Facebook”.So you can develop critical thinkings you can use some skills or strategies. they use one strategie that are the 6 critical questions what?,when?,why?,where?,who?,how?. First you have to analyze,make conclusions,judgements and arguments. something very important is to recognize mistakes so their web always makes you stay there.Facebook always look for new things to make their web better for us. when their have a problem they first evaluate the situation. Facebook should have lessons to prive library media, school libraries allowing internet devices help us provide more literacy information, in facebook news you can have information that allows you to know what is happening all around the world, important facts, political facts, religious facts, and all this things make you be informed, facebook also gives you knowledge because it is a communication website. Twitter:The skills that Twitter uses for communication are Negotiation skills, Presentation skills, teamwork and influencing skills. Most people uses Twitter to communicate and share useful information. Twitter it’s the place where millions of conversations are happening every second of the day and people’s ideas are being read by many other people with the same interests. Building effective teams requires more than commitment to teamwork, you need know how to communicate and share your opinions with other people. you need to believe that your team members can work independently and encourage the team. Many skills could be better to make the work easier and faster.To develop critical thinking skills you need to have unreflexive thinking, challenge your thinking, organise your thoughts, analyze and understand the work. it’s easier to ask yourself questions so you can understand and make conclusions. Twitter has the ability of making you stay on the app and knowing that is useful. They give you the exact information you are looking/interested for of all around the world.Twitter give us literacy information and help us with the questions that we have so we can understand the app and know it better. In Twitter you can read the news and read information that allows you to know what is happening all around the world and communicate easy and fast.