Consumers and magazines are most trusted channel of

Consumers deal with advertisement
every single day and it reflects every aspect of life, needs, and desires.
According to Statista Inc. an
internet statistic company, United States was the world’s largest advertising
market in 2016, with more than 190 billion U.S. dollars were spent in
advertising followed by China and Japan. The presence and influence of
advertising is inevitable. It spread through thousands of channels like
internet, television, radio, magazines, newspaper, and etc. Statistics from Marketing Sherpa a research firm shows
printed advertisement like newspaper and magazines are most trusted channel of
all following by television and catalogs advertising. Regardless of these
advertising channels, ones might not realize that these ads are actually
affecting their self-esteem. On the contrary, self-esteem reflects the
confidence of a person and its worth in every aspect of their life. A good
advertisement and a person self-esteem seems not relates to one another,
however as it go deeper, it certainly influence an individual psychologically
or even the society at large. Depending on what type of ads viewed, it might
affect the person thinking or even the subsequent actions. It can reflect their
motivations and lead to a certain actions towards achieving specific desire.
Often, a good advertising will have a positive impact on person self-esteem and
the society. From the side of the business, good advertisement shows the
company good reputation and business ethical conducts and matched ethical norms
of both business conduct and its advertising activities.

Related example:  Pran
mango juice is available all over the Bangladesh any one can get it very easily
from the nearest departmental store. Pran pet bottle is another example all
most in every departmental store to small village store all pran mango juice
and pran pet bottle are available show that pran. Another example is pran
mineral water they got different types of mineral water like 500ml, 1000 ml,
1500ml. Pran tiffin cake is another good example of. All Time Bread is another example from my home nearest shop the
bread of all time is found is another example off Pran. The biscuit of pran is
found to the big departmental from the town to the rural area of the village.
Pran UHT Processed Milk is available of the all part of Bangladesh is another
example of strong distribution system and effect of good advertisements have on
a person’s self-esteem by their strong advertisements.

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The effect of good advertisements
have on a person’s self-esteem.
Good advertising indeed have a great impact on a person self-esteem and
society as a whole. Every business organization would spend extra miles to
ensure the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising. An advertisement,
not only from a beauty care goods to a financial products, but a broad range of
consumable products and services will affect consumer comprehensively. It
influences their thinking, perception, and behavior psychologically and
consequently leads to their purchasing decision. And, how far beneficial does
the products will impact on themselves afterwards, will be determine by the
business expansion near in the future. Advertisement is a broad element of a
business that affects every single aspect of life in a society.  Human needs and desires are sometimes
unlimited from basic needs like foods and drinks to a luxury branded material,
houses and cars, electronic devices, or even beyond that. Almost all of
products and services may indeed beneficial to consumers; however, how companies
advertise their products plays an important role in affecting the consumer
behavior and purchasing decision. Consumers might have a subjective perception
on advertising they saw or heard thus affecting their acceptance on subject
advertised. To be more precise, health and beauty advertisement certainly will
have direct impact toward person self-esteem. Nowadays, physical appearance and
attractiveness often are considered to measure a personal satisfaction and lead
to a positive self-esteem of an individual. To relates it in a real life
situation, for an instance, a women who views healthy slimming products
commercial, in which, this type of advertisement often portrayed attractive and
pretty model might wanted to have the same beauty and attractiveness to satisfy
her physical needs and have high self-esteem that will boost her confidence.
Therefore, it influences her action to consume the product and practice a
healthy lifestyle to achieve her desire. This is the simplest illustration how
the advertisement have an impact on a person satisfaction and esteem.

Print Advertising:
Three types  

Periodical Advertising if it is magazine, a newspaper
just let the information about the customer

Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers, Handouts and Point
of Sale Advertising

Direct Mail Advertising


Mobile Phone Message Advertising:  Agora & Shwapno are doing mobile
advertising in every Friday both of them sending me the price vegetable, meat,
fish etc is good example of mobile message advertising.

Online Advertising: To some extent, good advertising might
have a greater impact on a person life not limited to their esteem only. Some
commercials contented with precious values of life that influence or might
change ones perception toward a specific matter. As an example, an insurance
company in Thailand name Thai Life
Insurance advertisement achieves approximately 30.1 million viewers on
YouTube, an American video sharing website. The heartwarming ad named ‘Unsung Hero’ tells a story of one
virtuous young man performs random acts of kindness towards stranger everyday
despite do not have anything for himself and it seems worthless but eventually
in return he received a great amount of happiness and contentment.  Another heartwarming ad by this company named
‘Silence of Love’ has delivered the
similar message but in a different story, a mute-deaf father love and sacrifice
to his daughter. This type of advertisement are effective as it attempted to
affect viewers emotionally, and expect a potential customer who moved by the
story in the advertisement. Indirectly, these ads might change the consumer
traditional perception of an insurance company only matter profits, but values
human relationships and social responsibility. Furthermore, with the change of
a perception, it will affect their purchasing decision thus eventually they
wanted to purchase life insurance for themselves and their loved ones which
denote the effectiveness and success of the advertisement.