Conversation Different.(h) (ANSWER) Becky : [Different than you?


Conversation is the most important thing in our
daily life. In every communication there will be changing information produced
by the interaction of the speaker and the interlocutor. Conversation analysis
is one of the interesting studies in linguistics. Psathas (1995) stresses that
conversation analysis represents a methodological approach to the study of social
communication. It studies the natural and authentic conversation in real life
situations, especially to determine turn-taking organization, silence and
repairing problem, sequence of utterances and transcription.

Turn-taking is one of the most critical and
noticeable aspects of conversational structure. Harvey Sacks (1995), the
founder of the conversational analytic system, argue that the basic small unit
of the conversation is ‘turn’. Herudjati Purwoko (2008:59) states that
conversation has a general pattern. Schlegoff (1972) elaborate the system with
the A-B-A-B pattern.

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This paper concerned on how turn-taking occur in The
Stranger things movies season 2 episodes 7. First I will analyze some
conversation that I found interesting then I will have a look at the adjacency
pairs and make the transcript on its script then I will summarizing my


1.      Analysis

scene one:


Becky :
You okay?     You okay? ?


Jane       :

Becky      : And it just kept repe::ating? (QUESTION)


Jane       :
         (Repeat?)            (CHECK)

Becky      :
=Like a circle, (CLARIFICATION) (0.3) Just
showing you the same image ov:er and ov::er? (QUESTION)        

Jane       :
S::he kept showing (0.6) the girl in the

Becky      :
(.)The rainbow roo:m?(0.7) What did the
girl look like? (QUESTION)

Jane       :
(0.10) Different.(h) (ANSWER)

Becky      :
Different than you? (QUESTION)

Jane       :
(0.8)I think this is why Mama wanted to talk.(ANSWER)

Becky      :
=To show you the girl? (CHECK)

Jane       :
(0.6)I think she wants me to find her. (CLARIFICATION)

Becky      :
When Te:rry was looking for you, sh:e kept these files of other missing kids ,
Kids she thought were like you (0.2)
Maybe tha::t girl is in: he::re somewhere::: Here??


Becky      :Does
anyone look familiar?? Is that her?


Becky      :
                   you find her?

Jane       :
hhh No??


Analysis one:

The conversation script above is taken from Stranger
Things movies episode 7 season 2 on minutes 0:00:45 – 0:02:55. As we can see on
the script, there are two persons Becky and Jane having a dialogue. The first
line is an opening. In the second line Jane didn’t answer Becky’s question rather
than she’s only breathing because she still shocked about what was happen. On
the third line, Becky was making a prolongation when she says “repeating” to
emphasize something that Jane has seen on her sight. But then there is a longer
pauses (0.10) before Jane answer Becky question because Jane confuse with the meaning
of ‘repeat’ so that the word repeat is in the bracket or in ( ) to indicates
dubious hearing or the word identification. Jane checks by asking “repeat?” and
then Becky is giving clarification that the word ‘repeat’ means ‘like a
circle’, those pattern is an adjacency pairs called check
– clarification. I also found 3 adjacency pairs on line 6-7, 9-10, and
11-12 named questions – answer. In the seventh
line, there is overlap occurrence. Jane answer Becky’s question immediately. After
she said ‘showing’, there is a longer pause (0.6) indicates that she still
trying to remember her sight. In line 23rd, there is a longer pause
(1.1) because Becky shows Jane a document and Jane was busy on it, in the next
line Becky actually giving a floor to Jane, but Jane still remain silent for
(1.2) so Becky takes her turn by questioning something, then Jane answer it.


scene two:


Dottie    : =You should do stand-up, Axe? There’s
a spot a few blocks away

Jane      :             Hello?


Axe       : hi.Well::, well:::: (0.6) (Greeting)

What do we
have? he::re?

Mick      : What is she wearing? What are those:: overalls??

Dottie    : =There aren’t any cows to milk here, kid.
Go on back to the farm now=

Jane      :                  I’m
looking for my sister.

Axe       :
(0.1)Aw::: Shirley Temple lost her sister. This
is so sad?

Jane      :         I
saw her? Here.

Big man   :                       Uh-uh.
Hand out of pocket(.) Slow.


Axe       : =Give me that shit=

Mick      :         (0.8)     Is that Kali? ??(Question)

Jane      : (0.3)Kali?

Axe       :         How
did you find us? (0.3)Who else knows
you’re here? (Question)

Jane      :             No
one. (Answer)


Axe       :    So,
what then?? Poof! You just show up like magic with that picture???

Mick      : Stay calm: She’s just a kid.

Axe       :                       =A
kid who could get us all killed! (0.2) If I have
to ask again, Shirley, you’ll start losing things. Starting with those
pretty little locks of yours= Yeah? ?(Accusation)

Mick      : Come on, Axe. Put down the knife!

Axe       :             =How::
did you find us?=

Jane      : =I saw her. (Denial

Mick      :             =AXE!?

Axe       : THAT’S NOT AN ANSWER!(0.4) Jes:: Jesus Christ! ((exclaiming)) Get off!?

Kali      : You’re a terrible dancer, Axel.


Axe       :             I
told you, stay out of my head!

Kali      : =So, we’re threatening little girls:
now, are we?= (Complain)

Axe       : She knows about you (.) She had this. (Denial)

Kali      : Where did you get this? (Question)

Jane      :    (0.4)     Mama (Answer)

Kali      : Your mother gave this to you?

Jane      : In her dream circle.

Axe       : =Dream circle. I think she’s a schizo
or something.


Jane      :             I
saw you (.) In the rainbow room

Kali      : What is your name?? (Question)

Jane      :                  Jane

Jane      : ((look at Kali’s birthmark)) Sister (check)

Kali      :                       Sister


The conversation above is taken from Stranger things
seasons 2 episode seven. In this section the explanation of the symbol is the
same as what I have explained in the previous analysis. What makes it different
is there is more overlap and interruption from other people. And also as you
can see in the first line that is an adjacency pair greeting-greeting. In line 25-27 there is adjacency
pairs with the insertion sequences named accusation-denial
answer. Even the answer
is not obviously a denial statement, but the meaning is denial.


2.      Conclusion

Adjacency pairs are sequences of two related
utterances which are given by two

speakers and has meaning. The second utterance is always a response to the
first, but sometimes there is insertion sequence between the adjacency pairs,
which can we see in the second scene. There are 5 adjacency pairs types  in this episode, 1. Greeting-Greeting, 2. Question-Answer, 3. Check-Clarification, 4.
Accusation-Denial, 5. Complain-Denial



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