Dear of your voice. I can imagine your

Dear Daisy,        I can almost hear the happiness in your laughter and the sheer thrill of your voice. I can imagine your sweet voice whispering softly into my ear, and can see the bright sparkle in your eyes as I gaze into them. You are truly the loveliest, sweetest, tenderest, and the most alluring person I have ever met in a world of corruption. I’m aware that it has been very long since that cool, windy, autumn day when we sat close together in front of the blazing red flames of the fire. I can’t describe how delighted I was to realize that I love you. I even wondered if you’d throw me over. However, you didn’t, because your heart was rapidly beating for me as mine did for you.    Sadly,  I just received the most shocking news that you are to be married to a rich man, named Tom Buchanan.  My dear, I understand why you may doubt my love in this way. I wanted to write you many letters before. The apprehension of the war has been keeping me apart from writing to you. Sometimes I think that the only reason I’m alive during this outrageous inferno is of my constant urge to be with you. I’m afraid words cannot simply express my love for you. After the war, I promise we’ll be together again in prosperity. I believe that one time I will become exceedingly wealthy enough to buy anything you desire. Not only will I provide you an astonishing and a luxurious life you need, but the overwhelming love you deserve. Every second of my life I think about the day we will finally reunite. My love, I need you to think twice before you marry Tom. You will enjoy your life with me, as we both can cherish grand, lavish, and rich parties at our own majestic mansion in the future.    Daisy, I know you remember our precious times together because our love is something no one can ever forget. Remember that beautiful, romantic, and lovely night? I was in my dark grey uniform and you were in that eye-catching dress. We danced with immense passion in that excessive ballroom. I’m certain that was the time our hearts were beating uncontrollably for each other. My heart has never faulted these precious moments. I sincerely request of you, please Daisy, wait for me as I need more time to have a stable life for you. Every second of my life I think about the day we will finally reunite. Whenever I feel discouraged and alone, I glance at the shining white stars thinking that you’re the light of hope guiding me to fulfill my dreams. The dream of having you back in my life.  No Matter what happens while we both wait, you must know that I will always love you unconditionally. Just remember Daisy, while some fight for their country, I fight for your eternal love.