Diversity staff and students from all parts of

is important to the University of Kentucky, because it brings people together
who have a unique experiences and background. Having a unique view on different
languages, cultural and ethnicity provides people a different thought process
about how they view others cultural and society when its represented in all
aspects of life including their behaviors, beliefs, what they eat, how they
dress. As attending the
University of Kentucky, I think it’s very important to continue
improving our diversity. A major element to contribute to diversity is the
ability to engage to others from different backgrounds, areas, cultural and
different views. From an Indian family, I’ve come to U.K to make friends with
the staff and students from all parts of the world and believe that making a
relationship at U.K. is one of the greatest experience anyone can have. U.K is
big school with a great community that I can call home and never feel alone.

Diversity is most important to strong quality education, I think it enhances
educational experience by communicating and sharing idea. In order to know
people and understand them we must communicate, in my eyes diversity
accomplishes that, and further expands and bring students together. The
suggestion I have to improve the diversity at our campus is to have more
activates relating to diversity on our campus, having a group of kids included
from different backgrounds that work together and share their backgrounds and
experiences to the group. These activities involve teamwork, teamwork is the
important thing when contributing to diversity and that we should set our
differences aside and see what the individual character is. Diversity also
improves the social development for both students and staff that are going to
be involved of knowing people who are socially different from others and with
that we can relate to people all over our campus and make them feel comfortable
about being there with socially diverse people 

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