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Figuring out what smells repel rats is crucial to our health and peace because rats are some of the most problematic rodents on the planet to deal with. They’re clever, fast and easily adapt to new and unfavorable environmental conditions.

On top of that, they have no conscience. As a result, they’re survivors at any cost and have troubled the human race for thousands of years through history, without remorse.

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Their most annoying quality is that they’re attracted to humans, sort of. Not that they long to hug us. It’s just that they’re convinced they can’t live without us. Don’t mistake that for love because it’s not. It’s just our food, water and shelter they’re after.  So, they trace us and move in with us wherever we go.

Unfortunately, their baggage includes all kinds of diseases. They’re vectors of more than 20 different deadly diseases some of which are Lassa Fever, Pulmonary Syndrome, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, Leptospirosis etc. Those are strange, tongue-twisting and scary disease names, which is why the rats must go.

But how can these uncontrollable interlopers be evicted? Some suggestions on how to throw them out have to do with the use of certain smells that repel them. Smells that repel rats are from substances like mothballs, Cedar leaf oil, cloves, ammonia, peppermint oil, cayenne and so on. Let’s look at each one and how to apply it.


They’re on the list of items that can be used to turn rats away. They have a strong disagreeable smell, which is one of the smells that repel rats. So keeping some mothballs in the attic, in the basement and a couple other places that easily constitute a rat hideout, will help send the rats scurrying away from your property.

Cedar Leaf Oil:

Cedar leaf oil can be soaked up with cotton balls and put at the entrances and exits of the rats’ hideouts. They can’t stand the smell and will be forced out of their hiding places.


Cloves release one of the smells that repel rats. So, sprinkle clove powder wherever you’ve identified as a rat colony around your home to keep them uncomfortable until they leave.