Google use to reach its potential customers:1. Text

Google display network is designed to help businesses connect to the right audience with their products and services. It helps reach potential customers at the right time. There are several ways to advertise through display advertising. It comes in the form of images, flash, video and audio. These are the 4 types of display advertising that google use to reach its potential customers:1.     Text adds2.     Image ads3.     Native Ads4.     Email ads (in gmail)Value proposition of google: The core objective of google is to enhance user experience by generating an extremely user friendly website that seek to connect people from all walks of life. Google gives businesses the platform to get to prospective customers globally with their advertisement and the google searchThe biggest challenge: How to find a single view for customers?Where does display fit within the market plan for customers?1.1 The marketing industry:Technology plays a key role in the marketing industry, this has pave way for businesses to get to customers through different channels such as the TV, social media, search engine, display advertising, direct mails and many more. The digital media has taken over the advertisement and helped companies to reach their  target segment, this is mainly because consumers are spending more time on digital devices. Consumers are connected to more than one devices each and everyday, this leaves us with a lot of questions as to the right medium to get to them, how to draw their attention on our display, will it be effective to use all the four types of display advertising and what will happen if we decide to remove display.Reasons to act fast and invest more into google display:Display ads is the second largest category of  digital advertising and it is expected to grow by 12% in 2020 which makes up 93 billion dollars of the global market. Most consumers spend more time on digital media lately as compared to traditional media and are connected to more than one device. With the data we have, ” on average consumers check their mobile 150 times a day but with the average time they spend on mobile each time they check is less than a min”. This shows how fast they are with their checks and an ad may come up without a notice.The machine learning as a tool for advertisement will help google personalise ads based on various users by the kind of things they look for on their google search and how they respond to an ad displayed. Google users are the kind of users who fall on them for all sorts of information, from fashion to food, directions and even personal issues. They know their users more than anyone with the data they have on them and their users are always looking for convenient ways of doing things. Google can use the data they have to personalise ads based on each user to save them time.1.2 Industry to consider:One of the lucrative industry google should target with their display ads is the fashion industry. Fashion is something consumers can not do away with. It comes with a lot of trends, most consumers always look out for every season. They normally get updates on trends through the digital media. 2. Global fashion industry overviewThe global fashion industry is a huge market divided in many sub-industries. One of the most straightforward ways to understand such a big market is dividing it in 3 different groups: menswear, womenswear, childrenswear. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that these sub-industries have different categories such as clothing, footwear, athletic wear, bags/luggage, watches/jewelry, and other accessories. It is also segmented in luxury, affordable luxury, premium, mid-market, value and discount. 2.1 Size The global fashion market has a value of $3 trillion, accounting for a 2 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. Among the 3 sub industries mentioned above, the womenswear industry is considered the most valuable, with a valuation of $621.3billion. The menswear industry is valued at $402 billion. In third place, global childrenswear industry has a value of $186 billion. In the United States, there is an overall spend of  $312 million in clothing and $73 million in footwear every year.The biggest apparel markets in retail sales are China, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Italy, France, Russia, Brazil and Canada. However, during 2016, spending per capita in fashion was higher in countries like United Arab Emirates, Norway, Ireland and Sweden. Moreover, statistics confirm that China has become the most valuable market for apparel goods.2.2 Potential In terms of potential, it may be said that childrenswear market represent a huge opportunity for display advertising services. In spite of accounting for only 15 percent of the