Gulliver and explore. The practicality of Gulliver was

Gulliver is a man from England, who dedicates his time to navigate around the globe and explore. The practicality of Gulliver was his major quality and he proves this very well on both of the scenarios he is caught up in. He was married to a lady and had two children. In his travel, he gets caught up in a destructive storm which after a couple minutes ramps apart the ship. Gulliver wakes up in the morning on a beach after navigating the mighty ocean and failing to reach his destiny. When Gulliver wakes up, he is surrounded by tiny people and is tied down from his shoulders to his feet.We can say that Gulliver is a practical man because he narrates that he did not have any intentions of squishing and killing any of the tiny creatures. These creatures were called: “Lilliputians”. They seemed to have their own civilization, however, they could not communicate with Gulliver so, in order to deliver a method of speech, he used submissive gestures in the attempt of not freaking out the Lilliputians. He did not kill any of the Lilliputians. He was intelligent, not a genius but a reasonable person. After some time, our mighty hero Gulliver earned the trust of the Lilliputians and became an ally with them. He was protective since he was going to defend the Lilliputians against their enemies. The Lilliputians and the Blefuscudians are enemies because one of the groups wants to break an egg on the small end and the other wants to break it on the big end, as stated on lines 290-300. During the travel to the island to defeat the enemies, he was being chased by someone but could only see big silhouettes. When he finally reached the shore, he decided to go adventure the environment. Later on, he found himself in the position of the Lilliputians since the Blefuscudians were giants compared to him. Scared by the creatures, he tried to hide in the corn but realized that they were chasing him with giant hooks in their hands. He believed he was going to die and told himself: “I lay down between two ridges and heartily wished I might there end my days,” (lines 354-355). Just like with the Lilliputians, he acts submissively by offering a little bag full of gold: “I took a purse of gold out of my pocket, and humbly presented it to him,” (lines 400-401)In conclusion, these examples just show how Gulliver was a reasonable educated individual who knew how to act with and adapt to different environments. The practicality of Gulliver was his major quality and he proves this very well on both of the scenarios he is caught up in.