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Haoyu ChenThomsBritish LiteratureRe Jane Rumination Paper”That was the power of nunchi. There’s no word for it in English; perhaps its closest literal translation is “eye sense.”. . .For me nunchi was less about some sci-fi power and more about common sense. It was the ability to read a situation and anticipate how you were expected to behave. It was filling your elder’s water glass first, before reaching for your own. The adults at church always said that good nunchi was the result of a good “family education.” ” (Page 5) This quote comes from the first chapter whence Mrs.Bae visits Sang and Jane at Food. Mrs.Bae and Sang exchange greetings and the proper courtesies. Sang shoots Jane a look. Jane is able to understand what Sang wants without exchanging a single word. She does to get Mrs.Bae some of Food’s better fruits on the house. There is no conversation between Sang and Jane but messages and intents were clear, at least to their respective persons. Nunchi, ??, literally translated, means “eye measure”. It is a korean concept signifying the concept/subtle art of reading other people’s moods. It is close to the concept of emotional intelligence in which a person can communicate with others using empathy. In Re Jane, nunchi is critical to the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. With nunchi, the characters of Re Jane use less words and more non verbal cues to communicate emotion and meaning through means such as a rising in the pitch of the voice, simple gestures like jerking your head, and the intonation of your voice. How does nunchi apply to my personal life? Well, I’m not korean, I’m chinese, but a form of nunchi exists in chinese culture as well. For me the term nunchi combines several concepts including manners, politeness, intuition, quick understanding, reading non-verbal signals and reading between the lines. Nunchi was never explicitly taught but rather ingrained into me as a sort of common sense. And the reason for me to learn nunchi was to maintain relationships properly. To explain how nunchi is used in my life, I would have to explain what “face” is.