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Have you ever wanted to know wanted to see some of the items that was crafted and manufactured. Here in this project you’ll learn about The history of Manufacturing. In this project there are three different ages of manufacturing The Stone Age, The Motor Age, And the Modern Age.Back in the stone age and beyond that the use of spears and tools were used. In what we call africa now there were were two mountains about two kilometers apart from each other in the Stone age. In the middle was the manufacturing site where they were making stone axe heads in one corner and the workers had to go back and forth between one of the mountains; which is a ten kilometer walk. Let’s fast forward a few million years. The next technique in the line of time was called Changing Material properties. They had used fire to make a harder wood spear.To make these spears they slowly turned the spear in a fire. After a certain amount of time they grew harder and harder. Eventually you’ll get a sharp and hard tip of a spear(s).Lets fast forward to the motor age where henry ford had made the Assembly Line and helped produce the Model T. The Model T car was made on this assembly line where the first piece of the car was passed on and on until the car was finished. The Model T was a car that had two gears that moved the car forward and one that moved the car backwards. The car itself was faster going backwards than forwards. The Model T had a 4 cylinder 20 horsepower engine. The Model T had no doors at all.Lets fast forward to the next topic which is the Modern Age. In the Modern Age we manufacture things ranging from Cars, Computers, Boats, Weapons, ETC. We manufacture and create a house. There are certain steps that must be taken to manufacture and create this house. First you got to get a frame and then add in the wiring.then the insulation after making sure all the wiring is safe secure and then you add the floors and all that.To conclude this writing I have been fond of all the old tools and weapons from ancient greece and also wondered what the tools were like before all the iron and steel. I Have not only learned about cars A.K.A. the Model T and how it was made, but i’ve also learned about the past of the human race. I hope you have learned something from this presentation as well.