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Have you ever stopped and wondered why it seems like you need money to do practically anything? This is probably because that is exactly what’s happening. As our world becomes more commercialized there are many things that we find ourselves paying for that use to be available to us at not cost. This has now become apparent to many Americans as everyone who spends time on the internet is affected by the repeal of net neutrality.  Allowing internet providers to change the bandwidth for users and restrict access to certain websites  that you need to pay additionally gives the cable companies total control. By doing this you create a hostile internet for industries and consumers where money is king. The repeal of net neutrality is a prime example of Popular Sovereignty coming into effect.The concept of Net Neutrality is about creating a neutral internet for everyone where companies can not take over, and control the speed of internet traffic or censor certain things. The basic principle that surrounds net neutrality is that the internet should be a open platform, and more importantly a free one almost like any other tool that we use in our home like electricity or water. Anyone who wants to use the internet should be able to use their bandwidth however they want. Internet service providers should not be able to provide priority service to any specific company website for any reason because this is unfair to others whos also pay the price to use the internet. Every website, whether it’s the more well known ones like Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix or the lesser known websites, should be treated the same when it comes to giving users the bandwidth to reach the internet-connected services they are using. Paying for your internet should be like paying for your electricity bill, your electric company has no say over how you use your electricity they only get to charge you for providing the electricity. Net neutrality’s goal was to attempt to do something similar with your internet in order to keep companies from taking over all of it. Unfortunately it was repealed by the FCC  who “regulate interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories” (Federal Communications Commission) and the decision is under scrutiny because it was voted by a group of unelected officials which is in contrary of our  principle of Popular Sovereignty.Popular Sovereignty is one of our eight principles of government and it is very important in order for our representative democracy in the U.S to be successful. This principle states  that the authority of a state and its government is given and balanced by the people though consent. This is allowed through the Constitution and is achieved by having votes where the people can choose who they want to be their elected representatives  that  are in charge of all political power. Popular sovereignty can be seen in our Constitution under consent of the governed and it says The government’s source of authority is the people, and its power is not legitimate if it disregards the will of the people. (Patrick, John) Because you would think the people would have complete control over all the political  decisions made but that was no the case with the repeal of net neutrality. The repeal of net neutrality is interconnected with the principle popular sovereignty. This is because the FCC chairman who voted to repeal net neutrality were not voted officials by the people but they were able to repeal something that affected everyone. The principle of government relates because Popular Sovereignty states that the power and decisions are controlled by the people but in this is a case where this concept has failed and because of this the decision has faced a lot of backlash and many lawsuits have been filed against it. (Kang, Cecilia) The fact that a decision so hefty was left to five people who are not voted representatives was extremely troubling and unfair to many. Rightfully so because this is something not thought possible because of our principle of popular sovereignty but in fact was exactly what took place.In conclusion the repeal net neutrality was a reminder that our principles of government may not always be effective. In this case it was the concept  Popular Sovereignty that is under question because of the recent repeal of net neutrality. Although it was repealed the decision is nowhere near being set in stone because of all the lawsuits and concern the public is showing. Due to the power the we hold in the government we are able to act in moments like these and try to make the right decisions.