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Have you ever wondered what the best way to help your child have a happy and healthy life is? You should get them involved in youth sports. While parents often have a variety of different methods and philosophies on raising their children, there have been many proven strategies to help advance their development and maturity if they are participating in a youth sport at a young age. The key things a parent should look for when their sons or daughters are involved in youth sports are to have fun and to be successful in their chosen sport, because if kids are successful then they are more likely to continue that sport later in life. The involvement of youth sports on young kids is extremely beneficial because it helps kids to improve their educational level, develop their mental and emotional health, and most importantly help to physically mature their body. Youth sports play a key role in a child’s educational development. While not always, kids are proven to have higher grades consistently when they are involved in some sort of sport. Parents usually do not agree with this philosophy because they believe that sports require a significant amount of their child’s time and energy, therefore taking away from and distracting a student-athlete from their work. Consequently the opposite is true. In fact, students who are involved with sports are more likely to further advance their educational career. “Student-athletes are ten percent more likely than non-athletes to make plans for attending college” (Billet). Although college is  not a necessary step towards being successful in life, it often helps when trying to accomplish a goal. Setting goals when it comes to education plays a symbolic role. Youth sports help and mature young children into the adults of the future by helping them to prioritize what is truly important. “Sport-based programmes have been shown to improve the learning performance of children and mid-adolescents, encouraging attendance in school and the desire to succeed academically” (Healthy Development of Children). Setting goals helps young students achieve greater aspirations and leads to success later in life. Youth sport programs help children develop these goals consequently by performing at a higher level in their education. Discipline when describing a student-athletes work ethic is an extremely important quality that is naturally developed in youth programs. “Youth sports teach important leadership qualities, provides cultural exposure, and helps children to learn how to manage difficult situations….Respect, listening, and arriving on time are also learned on the field and are transferred to the classroom as well” (Essien). Although not all, youth sport programs help develop key character traits for students to take to the classroom which later on in life helps develop wealthy and extraordinary men and women. Young children and adolescents that are involved in youth sport programs are able to develop and mature their minds faster to advance them in life. Having fun is one of the most important benefits of playing sports because it helps promote a positive attitude when playing. A positive attitude can help develop important qualities like effort,   skill building, and team participation that will help prepare them for what their future holds. “Through participation in youth sports key values such as honesty, teamwork, fair play, respect for themselves and others, and adherence to rules provides a foundation for young people to learn and deal with complicated situations” (Healthy Development of Children).  Learning these traits at a young age can help children address difficult situations all around their life.Youth sports help communication skills which in this day and age are very important. In youth sports the children have to learn how to interact with the coaches and adults being around them during practices and games, and the children learn how to talk to them with confidence. “Learning how to share is a skill children are introduced to very early on, but being socialised and playing well with others requires a lot more than that. Sports give children a way of practicing a range of critical social skills including effective communication and confident resolution; all while making new friends” (Health Fitness Revolution). When a child plays on a team he or she learns how to work effectively with others and support them while doing so. When a team builds behind one another, then the players begin to form and build confidence which brings success to the team. Again, all the traits go back to having fun and staying positive because coaches, parents, teachers and whoever else comes across in life will have a different way of looking at them. Kids who are not in youth sports are not exposed to these traits, therefore they have a harder time developing them. If those children who are not exposed cannot develop these traits found in youth sports, then they are in for a valuable life lesson. Sports also help with stress and dealing with one’s emotional development. During a child’s youth, having a core group of friends is very important and can bring a lot of stress to a kid that is really not needed. Youth sports can offer a stress outlet to kids which helps with mood swings, tantrums, and occasional irritability “Watching your hard work pay off and achieving your goal develops self confidence and fighting for a common goal with a group of players and coaches teaches you how to build teamwork and communicate efficiently to solve problems” (Marine Corps Community). Furthermore a child that is involved in youth sports already has a solid group of friends that they trust and have learned to cooperate with because they have been playing with them for a long period of time. The greatest benefit youth sports are known for are their aid in physical development towards children. When a child is involved with any sport they are being active and are able to express their emotions and passion on the field. Although most kids and parents do not understand the true health benefits from sports they believe that it is just the thing to do if they want to be healthy or want their kid to be healthy. Kids that are not involved in sports are often lazy because they have large amounts of free time which can lead to bad decision making. “However, they also are encouraged to make healthy decisions such as not smoking and not drinking” (Next College Student Athlete). Participating in sports also helps lower chances of different types of cancer and osteoporosis because they are consistently out being active. When a child or adolescent is actively participating in a sport they are likely to have a decreased chance of being overweight. In the United States, obesity in teens has been augmenting at an alarming rate, so a way of fighting back against obesity is by being active. But when one is not committed to a sport it is hard to find time to stay physically fit. Therefore sports programs are key to helping kids “Several studies have shown that childhood obesity is a growing problem in our society. Playing sports, however, will keep children active and aid in the fight in combating this problem” (Health Care). Lastly, youth sports help to build muscle mass. Parents are most familiar with this effect on adolescents because it is seen the most when a child goes through puberty. Being physically fit is addicting which shows that kids will want to continue to stay fit. ” Children who participate in sports develop stronger muscles and bones, and the stronger you are the less likely you are to struggle from physical injury and depression” (Stanford Children’s Health). Children who are involved in sports often have many health benefits that are hard to overlook and it is not difficult to sign your child up for sports. It is more dangerous in fact to not sign them up for sports because the negative influences that could come about.   Ever since I was a little kid I was involved in youth sports. As I got older I got more involved with them and I continued to find more and more joys. Playing sports helped develop me for the future while also letting me stay a little kid. I found passion in playing sports and I would like to play them for as long as possible. After I am done playing sports I would love the opportunity to try and teach young children the true reason to why it’s important to play. Youth sports truly help develop children into the men and women of the future. It is important for them to begin youth sports at a young age because it has numerous significant benefits that those who do not play dont have. To further my knowledge about my research topic I could talk to people who are more knowledgeable than me and also read more proven articles that have correlation between youth sports and healthier lifestyles. The future of sports on young kids has nothing but positive outcomes. I hope to play for as long as possible, and it is my goal to reach the professional level. 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