Hotdogs flesh. The research question of this project

Hotdogs are very famous foods that many people enjoy, especially around Independence day. But what would happen if the hot dogs were to act like mummification. For my experiment, I will be testing out two different kinds of hotdogs and see how long they will last when covered in baking soda and silica gel.  This experiment is suppose to replicate the desiccation of human flesh. The research question of this project is: “How does the different type of hotdog, affect the amount of time of it to desiccate?” To desiccate means to remove moisture out of. Since this project is replicating the desiccation of human flesh, many egyptians have done this by making mummies.Mummification is a process where the skin and flesh can be preserved for a long period of time. Many people do this process in Egypt around the fourth and fifth dynasty or 2600 B.C. Egyptians made mummies for what gods they believed in. There are many gods that the egyptians believed in. Like Ra, the sun god or Osiris, the god of death. To embalm the human flesh, egyptians would use a desiccant(a substance used for drying) known as natron. Natron is a powdered salt that is used to drain all the moisture out of the body. Natron is made of sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and sodium sulfate. This material was common, so it wasn’t tough to find and many mummifications took place in Egypt. Embalming is to preserve a human’s remain, they are mostly used in funerals.To make a mummy, the stomach, liver, lungs, intestines, and other organs had to be removed. The organs would be placed in canopic jars. The brain would also be removed but the Egyptians thought it was a useless organ so it was thrown away. The next step was to dry the mummy, so the body was covered in natron. It took 35-40 days to dry the body, and after that the body was covered in oil. The oil helps make the cloth and strips of linen wrap around the body easier. The wrapping would have 16-20 layers and took 15 days or more. Soon they would be buried, if a king was to be mummified it would usually be buried in a sarcophagus, a tomb. For my experiment, I will be testing how fast different hot dogs will change when it is put into baking soda and silica gel. Hotdogs are made out of chopped meat with different spices, the hotdogs are going to act like a human during mummification. First, the length, circumference, and weight(in grams) of the hot dogs will be measure. To find the circumference and length i will be using a tape measure. To find the weight of the hotdog I will be using a pocket scale. Next, hot dogs will be covered in baking soda or silica gel and placed in a container. The containers are numbered so the data of the hot dogs won’t get messed up, as shown below. The hot dogs will not be touched or moved for a week. After a week has gone by, the baking soda will take the moisture out of the hotdog so the hotdog will shrink and change color. I’ll repeat this process three times for three weeks. I will record all of my data into a table and a graph to find the percentage of which hotdog changed the fastest in three weeks.  My hypothesis for this experiment is: “The beef hotdog will desiccate faster than the chicken/pork hot dog”  So in other words, the beef hot dog will reach its maximum mummification level faster than the chicken hot dogs. Since there is more calories in the beef hotdog than the chicken/pork hot dog, the beef hotdog will desiccate faster. Also, since there are two independent variable, the silica gel and the baking soda, the baking soda will change the hotdogs the most because it is made of sodium bicarbonate which is part of the mixture of natron. The research that I gathered helped me understand better about ancient egypt and how they make mummies which supports my project.  It also supports my hypothesis because when baking soda can be used as natron in my experiment. In this experiment, I will be finding out which type of hotdog will change the fastest and to see which independent variable is changing the hotdogs the fastest.  This will be a fun experiment to do, even though it’s time consuming.