I a correctional officer or police officer. You

I haven chosen to be a psychology
major because I just love the thought of helping others when they are going
through difficult times. I have always loved helping my friends and suggesting
solutions that could potentially help them. It makes me feel accomplished when I
am able to help someone who is confused and uncertain with what they should do.
I want to be able make a difference in other people’s lives. Also, psychology
is an interesting way to learn, not only about others, but also myself. It
would be very beneficial to learn why, as humans, we do and act a certain way
in different situations. By learning about how we act as humans, I would be
able to make smarter and more calculated decisions further down in my life, decisions
that could potentially affect the rest of my life. Because humans are
constantly changing, the psychology field and research will also change and
grow, which would allow me to keep my mind stimulated. I also believe that
there would never be a dull moment in my professional career. Similarly,
because I would be working with a variety of people, who interact, feel, and
respond differently to every situation, it is practically guaranteed that each
day will be different. This would keep things interesting and exciting. Moreover,
while earning my psychology degree I believe I will gain skills that will be
helpful in my everyday life, as well. I will learn how to communicate with
people better, become more organized, and analyze different articles and


            I believe there are multiple different job opportunities
that arise from getting a psychology degree. With a psychology degree, you can
work as a correctional officer or police officer. You could also use your
degree to become a social work assistant, which normally work in elderly homes or
other residential housing facilities. Moreover, if you chose to further your
education in psychology, you can become a social worker, a clinical psychologist,
or counselor. To become a social worker or counselor, you do need to get your
master’s degree, but it is not required to have a degree in psychology before,
but it is beneficial and recommended. It helps to have a psychology degree because
it can get some of the prerequisites out of the way. Also, you will already
have a brief understanding of some of the topics you will need to know to
become a counselor or social worker. On the other hand, to become a clinical
psychologist you will need to get your degree in psychology before moving on
towards your master’s degree. Moreover, if you do not want to work as a
clinical psychology, social worker, or counselor, you can work for a corporate
office as the human resource specialist or in the marketing department. While
working in the marketing department, someone with a psychology degree would try
to understand what makes a customer buy an item and what makes it appealing to
the consumer. I think you are able to have the opportunity to work in all of
these fields with a psychology degree because prior to choosing my major I did
research. When I did my research, I wanted to know if I was getting a useless
degree or if it would truly be worth it. I am happy with the major I have

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