I ask to myself whether it is a


 I ask to myself whether it is a right way
to be quiet and do nothing which is the easiest way. My inner voice refuses
this idea of withdrawal. I submit myself to the believe that what I witness is
a part of divine order. My conscience teaches me God sent me there for a
purpose and what I need is a rigid believe in God. My life is for my community
and its my responsibility to bring reforms in my society. Life must stand
unique. I am a student of history, and I know history of the human kind has
seen many atrocities and change always needs supreme sacrifice  and courage to follow the path of
righteousness. I believe that things are possible as my background gives me the
capacity of fearless thinking that is needed for my challenge and I am prepare
to embrace all sort of discomforts and inconvenience in order to deliver my
best part to my people. My story was not as easy as I have written, I know the
readers of my personal statement are the most valued and quality brains of the
world, they can understand what I am saying how much pain is hidden  in each and every word.  Honestly speaking I was not strong as I am
now, I still recall those moments of fear as a nightmare, many time I suspected
I will be murdered, one day when I was threatened to be killed in a serious
note .  I hid myself in the cage of
animals for almost half day, I still remember those moments of fear each second
was like an hour, at that time I wanted to live for myself and now I want to
live for my people, I have seen how a 15 years old girl turn into a 40 year old
woman, instead of discussing fantasies of young age  they discuss realities of mature age how they
were raped, how society reacted. Now I am free, my faith is bigger than my fear
and I believe I am a citizen of this world and people of this world not will
not leave me alone. I raised my voice what they were doing to poor people, in
return people started to love me because I always listen to them from my heart,
I understand them from my heart, I see them from my heart, that’s what we call
language of love, which is the most beautiful and strongest language. Now I am
a stronger version of myself. I have to raise my voice because history has
always made by those who raised their voices against the injustices. My mission is to act as an instrument for a
positive change in my community for women and struggle for their life
protection, educational awakening, health facilities and economic growth. People are waiting for rescue there. I should not
leave them alone, I have to go back to the place I belonged after (a) learning that how policies
are integrated, selected, led and built in a team shape  (b)Enhancing problem-solving skills
such as active listening, empathy, information sharing and critical analytical
thinking (c) establishing sure foundations by which the existing
negative challenges are reformed positively (d) understanding  detailing of policy making and
implementation (e) challenges to work in public policy to deliver my efforts
for my society through an effective and efficient way apply by government or
non government sector.  MPP from Oxford
means studying public policy with micro-detailing; I believe my
passion and dedication pave the way to lead me towards right direction. I am not guided by the promise of money or
fame in making my life choices. I want to learn
policy and methods in order to achieve this world as “better governed”. Such unique vision
will grow me to the excellence which I am seeking for improvements and will
strengthen my spirited foundation.