I my to other teachers explained them on

I remember when I got into
high school I took art as my main subject. Our school magazine annually
showcases students work, and every student is asked to provide the faculty with
their piece of creativity, my art work named “hope” was a depiction about how
some prisoners who have not committed any crime wait for the light of freedom,
and I was very confident about my piece of art, however my art teacher turned
down my work and asked me to bring a different piece, therefore I approached my
teacher and asked her why she didn’t accept my work ,she told me it was well done
but she could not find any relevance behind my art and the name I gave to it,
and the student wouldn’t be able to understand my work, so I decided rather
than bringing her another piece of art and letting my work go for nothing,I should
make her understand my work and I was convinced that I could do it so I
explained my work. Confidently, I explained the mood and placement, soon after
she took my to other teachers explained them on my behalf, and the best part of
all  this was not only my work got
selected but I got a whole coloumn to explain my art work.