In also the argument that the music videos

In society, people
tend to think that everything is now over sexualised. If you think back to ten
thirty-five years ago young girl’s role models would be people who are like Annie
a sweet young girl who makes everyone around her happy and wants everyone to be
happy and most of wants to do well for herself but in today’s day and age young
girls role models tend to be people who are vulgar and self-obsessed who are
famous for being on reality TV and got their wealth by luck by getting chose to
be on the reality TV show. Although the thing that is usually over looked is
that most of these so called “Fame hungry girls” have built up a business
empire and that’s what their full-time job is. For this reason, this essay will
be exploring the arguments of the question “Does society over sexualise

some argue that if you switch on the televisions music channels you will be
greeted with woman dancing around wearing little to nothing for a music video
and if that’s not enough the lyrics to certain songs are even worse than their
music videos. An example of this is in Rihanna’s song “Rude Boy” in this song
the opening lyrics are “Come on rude boy, can you get it up. Come on rude boy,
is it big enough?” This song sees Rihanna talking to a boy about his sexual
organs which young children would have little knowledge about especially about
the content she is talking about. This is seen to be sexualising children as it
has become more and more apparent that Rihanna’s fanbase is of a younger age
group which could see them having her as a role model which then suggests they
want to be just like her and that her actions are not something that should be
copied as they are rude and offensive to some people.

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there is also the argument that the music videos of these songs are not aimed
at children and the artist themselves are also not the director/creator of the
video they just get told to do what they are asked as it is there job and they
only have a very small input on what they want for their music video. Miley
Cyrus is made out to be a wild child who was very sweet and went off the rails
and set a bad example for her younger fans but Cyrus hit back with “My job is
to be a role model and that’s what I want to do but my job isn’t to be parent”
Miley is suggesting that she is trying to the best role model she can be for
her fans and if the parents do not like her behaviour and feel like that it
would influence their kids then they shouldn’t let them watch/listen to her
because she isn’t going to stop being herself because parents of her fans don’t
like her because then she is not being a good role model as she wouldn’t be
being herself. This is a valid point in the sexualisation of children argument because
it does show that it isn’t the fault of the star which the parents make it out
to be it is simply how their image is portrayed on the media and it isn’t fair that
the star always gets the heat of the parent’s disgust.

society could be seen to be sexualising children through retail side. In most
recent times it is seen that there is adult pieces of clothing being sold in children’s
sizes an example of this is there are children’s  bikinis & swimsuits being sold with
padding in them and with slogans over the front of the top saying “Future WAG”
which is sending a message that that’s all the young girls can aspire to be
rather than having a more in-depth career that would give them a better future
outlook and would not limit their abilities and would also give them more
inspiration to push them selves to achieve a very successful life/career. This
could be seen from two ways this could be seen as cute items of clothing with
no meaning and they are not meant to be out there to sexualise children.

On the other
hand, it is seen the people who are so against these types are clothing are
parents. A valid point a columnist for AS Grazia said “Since when did eight-year
olds have spending power Fiona’s point of view on this argument is if parents
are so against these types of clothing why do they buy their children these
clothes as it is not down to the child for buying them because they do not as
she said have the spending power to buy these clothes. Even though their child
might want to be just like their friends with all the same clothes it is up to
the parent if they are so against these “horrific” clothes they need to put
their foot down and say no to their child even if it is much to their child’s
disliking. As said before it is shown that it is down to the parents to have
the final decision as society today don’t make them but they feel like they
have to blame someone for their actions.

However, if
you switch on the TV all the channels are full of reality TV shows which some
people see as people having an easy job just living their life’s but having
cameras following them around and getting paid a large amount of money for it. Therefore,
parents feel like these types of shows are bad influences for their children by
not giving them high expectations to do something when they are older as they
want to become famous and feel like it can happen by sending away an
application form to apply for a show and by a chance of luck they might get the
cut and somehow become rich and famous for only filling in a piece of paper and
playing it by ear to see if their future would happen the way they want it to. This
is shown to sexualise children because it is the main article on everyone’s
lips it’s every where reality TV its on social media in the news and centre in
the Tv there is not stopping it but along with this is a lot of sexualising
children because it makes them want to be then because it’s the most popular
thing in today’s society.

people tend to argue that people and times have changed are they, not right?
When you think back to 30 years ago there was rarely any TV never mind TV shows
and its now it’s unusual if you don’t have a TV in your house or any form of
social media and being famous is now a career a lot of people want to peruse.
People do not want to accept being famous as a career option as they feel like
they get a large amount of money for doing nothing but it’s usually over looked
that people who are famous have big partnerships with companies and some of the
top also have their own range of a certain product which is very time consuming
and involves a lot of challenging work and dedication. A prime example of this
is Katie Price (Jordan) she is looked to be one of the most vulgar and
opinionated person in the UK but not many people know and care that she is very
high up business woman with a business worth £40 million. Wouldn’t parents want
their child to have a role model that has a big business that is worth a lot
amount of money like Katie Prices is?

conclusion, I do not feel like society is sexualising children. I think it is
just the way the times are changing there are more people who would like to
stick to current trends rather than not because they do not want to be left out
and I feel like that is always going to be the matter of the fact. There is
only so much a parent can restrict from their child but as the cookie crumbles
there is somethings that are not going to be changing anytime soon.