In branches and 117 service outlets throughout Malaysia

In the services aspects, PERODUA possesses 46 service
branches and 117 service outlets throughout Malaysia which can provide
customers a more convenient service. Hence, customers
can easily buy a car from any sales branches that they feel convenience to go.
Besides, Perodua always keeps their goods or services working effectively for their
clients even after sale and delivery. That is, Perodua makes Body Repair &
Paint Centres available to its customer across the country. The services
provided by body repair and paint centres included 24 hours towing service,
accident repair, insurance claim as well as body repair and paint. The
insurance claim provided by Perodua consist of speedy claim approval for claim
below RM5,000 and Hassle-Free Windscreen Claims. However, PERODUA will give their
client a quality repair services with employed of skill technician. This repair
services is important and will benefit customer because it is a quality
assurance for overall services. In addition, PERODUA also have service
information and service package provided to the customer. The employees of PERODUA
will explain the function and information of the car to the customer when they have
questions. Perodua will also offer advice and
suggestion to its customer regarding how to apply loan for purchasing a vehicle.
Also, Perodua offers the opportunity to let customers state their problem
or dissatisfaction through a tailored tool. This service will make the customer
feel convenience because it can be done at home. That is, PERODUA provided
‘RESOLVES’ to its customer, it is an entirely independent issue-resolution tool that allows the raising and
handling of client problem, which make complaining more straightforward for all
individual. This tool is very easy to use and tailored to each type of problem.
Sometimes, customer may feel dissatisfied with the initial response from
PERODUA, however the escalation process can resolve this aspect of problem.
Escalation process will inform the particular clients when their problem or
complaint will be raise to the next level of seniorities such as inspector
or regulator.