IT platform. JPay is an American firm.

IT Outsourcing real life examples:

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Alibaba is a very popular chinese shopping website. in the early days of Alibaba creation, the founder outsourced the development part to an American vendor. Now Alibaba is depending on some other chinese production companies.


Skype is the most popular voice, video calling application in the early years of 2000. the founders of Skype had to rely on developers from Estonia to develop the platform.

JPay is an American firm. it’s providing technologies in the prisons and jails for prisoners like: money transfer, video calls and sending emails. This company is outsourcing  its quality assurance, software and hardware.

General Electric:

General Electric is one of the biggest companies in world. It has many projects to work on like: Electricity, healthcare, pharmaceutical, digital, oil, and other subjects. It outsourced its department of operations, department of data maintaining and separating of call center to an Indian company.

Outsourcing In Middle East:
Egypt is one of the top vendors in the the middle east and the worlds in general.
here is an article posted in an Egyptian news paper called “the portal”:

 Report says Egypt among top 8 vendors of IT services 
  on: September 15, 2017

Cairo – Egypt is ranked among the top eight vendors of IT services and products in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. 
A recent report by Gartner said Egypt, Russia Alba, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia and South Africaare the best venues that offer outsourcing services. 
The report touched upon advantages of Egypt in providing cross-border services, given its high-skilled workers and competitive prices, not to mention its strategic geographical location. 
Egypt has a strong communications infrastructure, the report said, adding that it has 17 maritime cables connecting it with the rest of the world. 
The report also said that 4G services started in the Arab country as of 2016.