It to build a border wall, that in

It was said late yesterday night (Tuesday 1-16-18) that the
GOP’s plan to help a government shutdown from happening is not getting enough
support from the Republican Party, due to arguments like building a wall or having
a bill to keep federal agencies open to keep money for the military to continue
adding too. GOP- only in house votes are not enough, they need additional
support from the Republican Party and they plan to meet with Republicans to discuss
the issue in hopes that they will come to agreeing terms. As of right now there
is not enough time to approve a new deal by this upcoming Friday 1-19-18, with
protecting any young immigrants that America has, so the GOP is focusing on
keeping the government open. With neither parties agreeing on all issues, they
do both hope that when Senate is up for auction that they don’t have to deal
with a shutting down election year. Republican leaders are trying to get
Congress to allow a short-term spending bill before this upcoming Saturday
1-20-18. If Republicans can’t get Congress to pass the bill then federal
agencies will immediately shut their doors on the idea. House Republican leaders
tried to convince the Conservatives to join them by promising to repeal some
unpopular taxes to help in the prevention of a shutdown. They even tried to
throw in better health care plans and delays of less liked taxes on some
medical devices. Then with Trump continuous trying to use billions of U.S. tax
dollars to build a border wall, that in and of itself has added complications
to the White House. Republicans are expected to discuss possible changes. Democrats
are not intending to vote and keep government open if they don’t have a plan to
protect young immigrants. These immigrants are called Dreamers. So even if
Republican’s decide to comply they would still need a certain amount of
Democratic votes needed to still pass the bill.