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Many countries in the world share similar characteristics. Clearly, some countries in Southeast Asia, especially Indochina countries as well as Thailand undeniably have a lot in common. Also, some people tend to think that the characteristics of Cambodia and Thailand are indistinguishable due to the similarity in culture. However, although Thailand and Cambodia seem to be similar at first glance, their fame and people are completely distinguishable.Thailand differs from Cambodia for two main reasons. First, obviously, Thailand is famous for their food and beaches. Thai food, especially street food mostly is piquant because Thai food is fiercely hot due to the fact that Thai people always use chili peppers in their food since chili peppers are the most important traditional ingredients, while Khmer food tend to be less piquant than in Thailand. However, the spiciness of Thai food tend to surprisingly draw tourists’ attention, and it undoubtedly is better known throughout the world. Moreover, some beaches in Thailand have been known as the most beautiful beaches on earth. Every single beach in Thailand is famous for their white sand beach and striking, crystal clear blue seas. Besides, unlike Cambodia, Thailand has a great amount of coastline, and their beaches still remain pristine. Second, Thais are heavily nationalistic. They would do things in their way rather than depending on foreign method even though it is cheap and more effective. For instance, generally, their English level are very poor that it is so ludicrous since they prioritize their language than the other’s.Also, Cambodia’s fame and people are the main differences between Cambodia and Thailand. While Thailand is famous for food and beaches, Cambodia is famous for their remarkable and enduring ancient temples, and unique architectures. Firstly, those temples unquestionably are unbeatable in comparison to Thailand’s because there are thousands of temples in Cambodia, especially the ones in Siem Reap such as Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple that are incredibly enormous and spectacular. Therefore, tourists, who travel to Southeast Asia, always put those temples in their lists of priority. Additionally, New Khmer Architecture also plays a significant role in gaining such great reputation and preserving Khmer’s uniqueness. There are more than 100 New Khmer Architecture buildings express the spirit of its time in its unique approach to local circumstances. Also, colonized by France, Cambodia has a lot of magnificent French colonial buildings that Thailand does not. Nowadays, the French colonial buildings are rapidly attracting a lot of tourists to visit. Secondly, Cambodian are more genuine and friendlier than Thailand. Since Cambodia used to be colonized by France, Cambodian are greatly influenced by foreigners, so they easily accept the good things that offer to their country. Besides, their English levels are way advance than Thai people because they take learning English more seriously.In conclusion, compared to Cambodia, Thailand is famous for their spicy food and beautiful beaches that it is widely known throughout the world. In contrast, Cambodia is famous for their remarkable ancient temples and unique architectures that it manifests Khmer’s uniqueness and attract a lot of tourists to visit. In addition, Thais are heavily nationalistic, while Cambodian are open-minded to accept new good things from other countries. Finally, according to my opinion, although Cambodia and Thailand are similar for some reasons, there are still a lot of differences between them that we have to examine more thoroughly.