My school which was one of the most

My name is Grace P Kamara, I was
born and raised in a small country called Monrovia Liberia. I come from a
family of six four boys and two girls. At the age of five-year-old, my father
left us for another woman. After few years I lost my dad to food poisoning. After
the death of my father everything changed for the worst. I was not too close to
my dad but, his death hurt me so much because I really wanted to get close to
him. I had to stop going to school because my mother was not able to afford my
fees, I had difficulty sleeping and eating, I was out of school for four years.

During that four years, it was hard for me to watch my friends go to school
while I stay at home. Things were so bad for us that almost every day we use to
go to bed on an empty stomach.  At the
end of 2006, my mom won the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery. We came to the
U.S. in 2007.

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After three
weeks of being in the U.S., I started Middle school which was one of the most
difficult time in my life, because kids in my school were so mean to me, that I
didn’t have any friends in elementary school, and I was routinely picked on by
bullies. I really didn’t care that everyone teased me and called me ugly or
fat. But in the back of my mind, it affected me. Despite my outward expression
of self-confidence, I was only confident when I was by myself. That led to me
being “slow-to-warm-up to people.”  I
kept to myself most of the time.  Kids
kept picking on me in school and it stopped me from getting involved in school
activities.  No one did anything about
it, so I felt unsafe coming and going to school.  My grades started to drop down and my mother
was so busy working, she had to take care of six children all by herself. We harder
get to see our mom because of her jobs. We were left to take care of our self.

As I grow up, I
told myself that I can’t allow anyone to put me down I was going to fight back
to gain my self-esteem back by, losing weight and bring my grade up no matter
what. I start to work on my English and grammar every day and nights. As time
go by, I got better with my English, grammar, and my grade also got better.   I made the decision to look past my
childhood and take whatever life had though than and a movie on.  I went to high school I did great my first
years in high school I pass all my English class with nothing less than A. I
have learned a lot and I’m still learning about myself, I try as much to
socialize with people. I have learned to deal with my emotion by not allowing
things to get to me