Nowadays, what they want or how they want


organizations are becoming more complex and diverse. Understanding constant
change in doing business is inevitable, as much as it is a challenge in
people’s everyday lives.  In which, these
individuals in the organization are also being flexible in the environment they
work at, and the people they are around with.

the behavior these individuals show to their co-workers, supervisors/managers
and external parties they dealt with could mean a lot of things. First, these
could mean that they have some intentions or they want to achieve something. Second,
they are expected to do the right thing which is merely based on rules. Third, they
use ’emotions’ as a strategic
interaction to deal with other people. Lastly, we can’t disregard the fact that
people behave as they do because that is based on their own perception.

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us explain the first reason Why People behave the way they do in organization.
People work for a reason. To earn a living and provide their basic needs or buy
the things they want. Similarly, employees behave the way do they do in the
workplace because it simply gets them what they want. One good example is: Why
do some people in the office don’t greet you back nor smile back at you even if
you greeted them and smiled at them? The answer is simple. There are no
consequences whether or not they greet/smile at you and another reason could be
that they’re not interested talking or knowing you in that case.  I have worked abroad and experience this many
times. Working and dealing with a diverse culture is difficult sometimes
especially with the top bosses. Another example in personal life is some people
tend to be angry when they don’t get things they want or want it to be. If
getting angry works them to get what they want. Then, they’ll continue that
behavior to get what they want or how they want things to be. We are all
wondering why people behave in such way but the answer to our question is the
same, “We behave the way we’re behaving
because our behavior is getting us what we want.”


            People are largely constrained by
the rules & regulations impost by the government. Similarly, employees are
expected to abide to the company’s policies and procedure. It could be
classified into two, formal & informal. Formal rules are based on the
regulations that the individuals are obliged to follow whereas the informal
rules are based on the “social etiquette” that individuals are also expected to
do. They simply respond or act based on the code, customs and moral that the
organization expects them to display.

            In general, these rules are believed
to unify the direction of the people in the organization as well as run the
business operation smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, these rules are
sometimes broken. And when these rules are broken, “accidents” do happen.
That’s why rules are established to reduce safety margins and risks.



perception of an individual is formed due to environmental conditioning. People
behave as they do in response to the treatment they receive from other people,
and in response to how situational influences they experience throughout life.  Furthermore, his/her experience in life could
also be considered as another factor in which this relates to the individual’s

individuals’ behaviors are linked to genetically determined disposition. People
in the organization react in dissimilar ways.