Observing my undergraduate days. Finding out that Doctor

Observing the state of public health in Nigeria, I discovered that there is a little attention paid to such an important area of health.  This is why I wish to study Public Health at the University of Bradford which affords one the opportunity of being trained as a strategic leader with a comprehensive, analytical and critical understanding of the wider determinants of public health. At the relaunch of National Mosquito Control and liquid waste management programme in Abuja, Nigeria,  the Minister of Environment outlined that about 97% of the Nigerian Population are at the risk of Malaria infection. This is to show how poor our Public Health sector has faired in tackling he country’s health challenges. One of the things that influenced my decision to pursue my Master’s Programme in Public Health is the fact that there are no Public Health programmes in Nigeria, studying Public Health at the University of Bradford would equip me to address contemporary health challenges in the Country.I acquired a B.sc Degree in Physical and Health Education, this is where the interest to study Public Health at the Master’s level stemmed from. Immediately after my B.sc Programme while waiting for my National Youth Service, I worked as a system administrator at the Nigerian Football Federation. My passion for the field of health and assisting people made me go for a Basic Level First Aid course in 2015. Playing football has also given me the opportunity to travel to different rural areas in Nigeria and this really opened my eyes to how much Public Health has been neglected in Nigeria.I served as the Secretary General to a committee that moved to assess the availability of Basic Health Care system in a local Government during my undergraduate days. Finding out that Doctor Population ratio as well as population per health facility are very inadequate.  Growing up to a non existence of adequate sewage and refuse disposal system as well as non availability of Basic Health care delivery system has fueled my interest in studying Health Education at the Undergraduate level.My plan is to complete a Master’s Degree in Public Health and pursue a career as an advocate for clean and healthy environment, at the same time provide Public Health programmes by partnering with Nigerian Health Ministry from the experience garnered from Bradford University.  I’m here today at the University of Bradford to open a new door to my future, to accomplish my dream of acquiring knowledge in the field of Public Health and providing lasting solutions to the Public Health Challenges of my Countrymen in particular and Africa in general. Studying in the UK affords one to have a qualification which have an impressive International reputation, and an avenue to develop excellent language skills.