On Holly, apart from the babysitter who looked

                  On the other hand Subhash was
very cautious from his childhood. He was very close and loved his parents and
often spent most of his time with them. Subhash was sent to study Chemical
Engineering to Jadavpur and finally leaves home to pursue his scientific
research in America. When Subhash migrated to the U.S, he encountered many new
things which influenced his lifestyle. The over – populous India was clearly
contrasted with that of sparsely populated America. It was in the Rhode Island
Subhash met Holly, the pretty American woman who was older than he. Subash was
surprised to see Holly living separately from her husband for many years. Holly
was ten years older than Subhash and she had a son named Joshua. Subhash and
Holly started meeting regularly and one day she invited him home. Subhash was
only aware of the joint family system in India, and was shocked when he came to
know that there was no one to help Holly, apart from the babysitter who looked
after her son Joshua while she was out for work. Though her parents were alive,
living nearby in another part of Rhode Island, they did not come to take care
of her. He knew how his brother Udayan and his wife Gauri lived along with his
parents in India. He was shocked when he visited Holly on a Friday, where
Joshua was not there and he would join his father every Friday. After knowing
this shocking news, Subhash was a little bit hesitant to share bed with Holly;
she did not care for any scruples in sexual matters. Subhash had an idea of
marrying her but gave it up because of her age, her child and above all Holly
being the wife of another person.

               When Subhash heard the news of
his brother Udayan’s sad demise in a police encounter, he went to India to take
part in the final rites of his brother. Subhash thought seriously about re –
setting of Udayan’s wife Gauri. Much against the wishes of his parents, he
married Gauri and took her to the US to usher her into a new life. In India it
is not acceptable to marry a widow, In American scenario it was acceptable.
Only in India people used to poke their nose in others affairs, But in America
the concept of privacy is a sacrosanct. No one questioned that Gauri was his
wife, or that he was soon to be the father of her child. Gauri after going to
America she started to adapt to American culture.  She presented herself as the best example of
acculturation of an immigrant.

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