Our and services. Many drivers of aging vehicles

Our goal is to grow our business to become one of the top
multi-business in the country with instant oil and nail service all in
one.  It will cater to women with a
beautiful lounge and offer a play area for children.  However, many consumers have several reasons
for choosing to do business with certain service providers.  For example, when researching an oil change
store, consumers make decisions based on coupons and offers or knowledge of
service history.  I put together a list
of reasons for oil change selection.

Our target market will be female customers who are car
owners.  Due to the rising cost of
purchasing new vehicles, many people are keeping their vehicles a lot longer
than normal.  Many auto owners like
myself are updating proper maintenance to keep the vehicle longer and to
protect our investment. 

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In order to reach out to my target market, I will obtain a
list of the car owners’ VINs.  The list
will be provided a by a third party agency that provides a marketing list to
target consumers based on the demographics, vehicle age and more.  Examples of data types:


Make, model, and year

Selection criteria such as engine size, fuel
type, and wheel size

Vehicle owners information includes phone
numbers and emails


To further analyze my customers’ zip codes, I would to
pay a subscription fee at Esri’ website esri.com/data/esri_data/index.html
 Once I subscribe, I would obtain a range
from lifestyle to consumer spending, business data information and much more.  The website provides current year estimates and
up to 5 years of projected demographic data. The criteria
include the following:

Population and households

o   Number
of people living in the geographic area

o   Number
of people living in the same housing unit

Household Income

o   Net
worth, disposable income

Education levels

o   Consumers
with higher education are high maintenance or to say enjoy “the finer things”


o   Target
consumers based on their occupations


habits based on the ethnic group such as goods and

§  Many like to get beautified or get their nails serviced



Another suggestion to target my audience by researching
local competitors and find out their customers. 
It may be an inexpensive effort but it would provide some ideas of my
own campaigns and help understand the competitors’ process. 


Another idea is to write out a list of the features of my
products and services. 


Many drivers of aging vehicles would require maintenance.  I obtained a list from a mechanic that I
interviewed and provided ideas of segments.

Another idea is to register the company to E-tailing.  Automotive aftermarket is a retail sector where
I can sell auto parts via public websites DIY (do-it-yourselfers) and service
professionals.  It has become one of the
most popular site to generate revenue in the auto parts market.  Many DIY consumers purchase the products
online due to price, convenience and home delivery.  In order to encourage DIY consumers of
returning to purchase more products, I need to provide coupons and offers,
especially user friendly online shopping and check out experience.


It is important to understand the audience by reviewing
past purchase data, missing demographics and

update email addresses and phone numbers.  It would help maximize customer lifetime
value, obtain new business through referrals and enhance customer retention.


As vehicles continue to age and require repairs, there
will be a demand for parts and services. 
It is important to get our brand recognized with consumers with great
offers and specials. The next time a driver requires repairs or an oil change
my business will be the one servicing the vehicle.