Outsourcing India. Outsourcing of logistics function is gaining

Outsourcing of s?v?ral busin?ss op?rations and functions is v?ry common now-a-days in s?v?ral compani?s in India. Outsourcing of logistics function is gaining importanc? b?caus? of its b?n?fits and advantag? all ov?r th? world. Outsourcing of logistics function h?lps manufacturing compani?s to conc?ntrat? on th?ir cor? comp?t?nci?s by r?ducing or ?liminating nonproductiv? activiti?s which adds unwant?d cost to th? product. B?caus? of such growing importanc? of outsourcing of logistics function, it has transitional shift from conv?ntional to strat?gic function. To minimiz? th? non-productiv? functions lik? logistics, company can ?ith?r manag? its logistics at his own or hav? a ti? up with th? company providing logistics s?rvic?s or it will outsourc? th? logistics function to logistics s?rvic? provid?rs. Among all abov? m?ntion?d options, outsourcing of logistics s?rvic?s to logistics s?rvic? provid?rs is consid?r?d as pr?f?rr?d option by many of manufacturing compani?s now-a-days du? to its multipl? b?n?fits. Th? r?s?arch is int?nd?d to cov?r Pun? Industrial ar?a which is having w?ll ?quipp?d industrial zon?s lik? Pimpri Chinchwad, Bhosari, Tal?gaon, Chakan, Ranjangaon, ?tc. & is on? of th? fast?st d?v?loping industrial zon?s in Asia having pr?s?nc? of many big national & multinational compani?s. Th?r? ar? many isolat?d ?xampl?s of individual organizations and th?ir r?sp?ctiv? logistics capabiliti?s. H?nc?, it was consid?r?d important to carry out a compr?h?nsiv? surv?y on Third Party Logistics (3PL) practic?s in Pun? industrial ar?a.Th? r?s?arch was int?nd?d to know thr?? main asp?cts of third party logistics provid?rs, i.?. curr?nt usag? ?xt?nt of third party logistics s?rvic?s, outsourcing r?asons and impact of usag? of third party logistics s?rvic?s on busin?ss r?sults. Th? study will h?lp to und?rstand th? pr?s?nt sc?nario of third party logistics provid?r (3PLP) in Pun? industrial r?gion & futur? growth.