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Resource depletion occurs when the Earth’s resources restores slower than the global usage, therefore leading to instant decrease in crucial materials whilst under a high demand.

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Over the years as the world strived to develop and improve, resulting for its demand of raw materials from the Earth to keep increasing in a quickening pace. It becomes an inevitable fact that humanity would be facing severe deficiency of resources if nothing’s done to prevent further damage, and to solve the growing problem we first have to identify its causes.

What’s causing this?

Increasing population – With an entire human population of 7 billion people and still increasing, it is no question that the demand of resources will increase as the supply starts to cut short.
Pollution – Due to developing countries and nation’s advancing business factories and such, the by-products of its production will affect the Earth’s environment through various types of pollution it releases, making some resource inaccessible after polluted thus reducing amounts of material.
Deforestation – As development occurs, need of land to have new settlement will require green environments to be removed in order to allow urban development to take place. Therefore causing  an increase of trees being chopped down and bringing the effects of environmental and climate changes as well as deducing sources of timber for industrial and sustainable usage.

Lastly, not only does resource depletion shows the negative effects emerging in the natural environment but it has great impact towards both world and local economy through slowed economic flow in markets since raw materials are lacking which makes it impossible for more production.

Those are the general reasons why resources are in decline, yet be noted that all those reasons correlates to one major cause which is the need to use those limited resources to maintain global energy and electricity through polluting energy sources such as fossil fuel. Which have provided the us nearly  82% of the world’s energy during 2011.

With that being said, it brings us to a possible and sustainable solution with renewable energies, this discussion will be continued on the next post “Alternative solution with Alternative Energies”