Recently, normal prison cell. After breaking into a

Recently, I have started reading the book “Raven’s Gate” by “Anthony Horowitz”. The genre of this book is a bit of thriller, but most of the story fits towards mystery and action. The part that I last read was about Matt, the main character being taken by the police and placed into a room which is similar to what you would experience in a normal prison cell. After breaking into a warehouse with his only friend Kelvin, they had gotten caught and taken away. He had two choices of punishment for his actions, one was called  “LEAF” which stands for Liberty and Education Achieved through Fostering project was a fostering program for people like him, and the other option was to serve 2 years in prison. He chose “LEAF” instead of prison. Matt’s foster parent, Jayne Deverill, was about to arrive to the place she would meet Matt but someone had attempted to mug her. She turned around, then went back on her way. The police had later found out that the mugger had stabbed himself.    A lot has happened in this chapter and I have many predictions. One of my predictions is that Jayne Deverill, Matt’s future foster parent, is not who she really is. She may be someone with villainous behaviour and might be the main antagonist in this story. Due to the actions of the mugger from Ms. Deverill just turning around, I also think that she might have some sort or power of controlling others. Unlike my other prediction I predict that Ms. Deverill is a important supporting character to Matt as he might unlock some kind of dark and mysterious gate that causes a lot of trouble. Maybe a gate between worlds, for the dead to be able to come back to the original world and cause mischief and trouble. Ms. Deverill might have known about this and now has to close the gate once again due to Matt’s actions. This is one of my predictions because it relates to the title “Raven’s Gate” and when I think of ravens I think of darkness and mystery. During my reading time, I had thought about what I would have done differently and questioned why Matt would make the choices he made. For one, he chose to go with Kelvin to steal from a warehouse which he didn’t have to do even if Kelvin would not have been his friend anymore. Another question I have is why would someone like Ms. Deverill volunteer for a fostering program. She is such a mysterious and dark character that seems like someone who would not be interested in children at all. One thought I had while reading was what cause Matt to not have much friends and what his whole backstory was. The book had talked a bit about his parents’ death but not much about his social and school life. I am very interested to find out more about him because it doesn’t make that much sense.     This was not a book that I had found and was super interested in from the beginning because the it had given a lot of what I think is unnecessary details but as the story continued, it became more interesting and intriguing. The author has made it so that you really want to keep reading to learn more about what will happen. I would give this book an 8 out of 10 because of the way it catches the audience and how the story is very interesting. This book didn’t score a 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 because of the excessive amount of unnecessary detail added. The description of some of the places, characters, and things are too descriptive and cause me to get a bit bored. I would recommend this book to a wide variety of people because of the genre of the book as well as the similarities of it to other books like “The Hunger Games”. I recommend this book to people that like mystery and action because this book contains both. Another group of people I recommend this book to is the fans of “The Hunger Games” because this book is quite similar to it. I really hope that this book will have a movie version in the future.