Saif and trying to make a trend or

Saif Alqemzi


1: Data Visualization

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Identify the effects poor information might
have on a data visualization project.

As mentioned in the case, data
visualization is a way to make sense of the ever-increasing stream of
information with which we are bombarded and provides a creative antidote to the
analysis paralysis that can result from the burden of processing such a large
volume of information. So, we are taking information and trying to make a trend
or a pattern out of it so if the information provided is poor then the resulting
pattern would not give accurate result so poor information might create
inaccurate data visualization.


does data visualization use database technologies?

Database technologies are
ways the information is stored in form of raw data. Data which is sorted but
have no use currently as there is no concept to test it for. This is where data
visualization comes in to picture, they take this raw data or information and
present them in such a fashion that they could turn into trends or patterns
which could be used to make business decisions


How could a business use data visualization
to identify new trends?

Companies can also use data
visualization to gain new insight into consumer behavior by observing and
understanding what people do with the data, what they find useful and what did
they dismiss as worthless. executives can make the valuable distinction between
what consumers say versus what they do. Even now this can be a tricky call to
make from behind the two-way mirror of a traditional qualitative research
setting. So if businesses use these techniques to understand the customer then
they could identify new trends.


What is the correlation between data mining and
data visualization?

Data mining is a practice of
examining large databases in order to generate new information while data visualization
is a practice of evaluating large database information in order to generate new
trends and patterns. But both of these concepts don’t used every piece of data,
rather they choose data relevant to the testing and come up with more accurate


Is data visualization a form of business
intelligence? Why or why not?

Yes, data visualization is a
form of business intelligence as it takes the data at its raw form and presents
it in such a fashion that a story could be derived from it. When an information
is presented in form of a story rather than columns of numbers, it would be perceived
as more understandable and the intention it receives would be greater then just
numbered columns.


What security issues are associated with data

There would be many security
issues associated with data visualization as with as other digital environment
but the most obvious are viruses, misuse or excessive use of unwanted
information, omission of relevant information, stealing of information and last
but not the least hacking.


What might happen to a data visualization
project if it failed to cleanse or scrub its data?

Data scrubbing, also called
data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that
is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. An organization
in a data-intensive field like banking, insurance, retailing,
telecommunications, or transportation might use a data scrubbing tool to
systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up
tables. So if a data visualization project if it failed to cleanse or scrub its
data then the results based on such data would be inaccurate and the business
might be guided in a wrong direction.