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Swiss watch industry has the ancient tradition, in the world market for
decades, meet a series of consumer demand, from precision to design,
from luxury to grade, watch price range from $ 100 to $ 500000. But in
half a century, there has been been little change in the design of the Swiss watchmaker. It is still aimed at conservative, affluent consumers,But in the 1970s and 1980s, a storm swept through the Swiss
watchmaking industry. The $ 10 billion watch market has shifted from
traditional Swiss companies to new businesses represented by Timex,
Citizen, Seiko and Casio. Especially the development of digital watches.The
hawk took office, the premium consumer market was shrinking. The Swiss
watch industry, which accounts for 90 per cent of the market, has lost
its growing mid-range market. As for the low market, Swiss watches under
100 Swiss francs are not produced at all.Swiss watch.It’s style and style. Instead of worrying about making cheap watches, he asked consumers what they expected of them.Therefore,
to design a unique product, it delivers unique information to
consumers: “high quality, low cost, excitement, and life interest.” He
began to inject emotion into his watch, making it not only a
high-quality product, but also a flavorful, likeable ornament, like an earring or a tie.Manufacturers and sellers are doing their best to make swatch a real part of people’s lives.It
has the outstanding advantages of waterproof, shockproof, accurate
timing and reasonable price. The watch is especially suitable for mass
production and has rich color selection. Swatch, a young, innovative wristwatch made exclusively in Switzerland, has become the perfect symbol of passion, excitement and life.Swatch
keeps rolling out new watches every year, designing creative ads to
stimulate consumer interest so much that people are anxiously waiting
for new products to emerge. Many people have more than one swatch watch
because they want to wear a different color watch at different times and
on different occasions. Swatch’s strategy has led many interested customers to flock to new fashion watches.For
consumers, a swatch watch is a souvenir, a piece of history, a piece of
art. Fashion is for an its fashion focus on consumers. Fashion is
fashion, because no one is trying to develop its meaning further. the consumer, and then it constantly updated the concept of the fashion watch.