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The Death Star Attack scene from Star Wars Episode IV shows a lot of action. This movie was very popular when it was released and was very well known. One of the main reasons that it was so well known was because of the way that many of the scenes were set up. The makers of the film did not have any technology that could help them to animate some of the visual effects in the movie. They had to build almost everything by hand and make the visual effects themselves. The technology was not as developed as it is now so the filmmakers had to come up with their own creative ways to make many of the visual effects. As it is shown in the video, there were many explosions and lights in the movie. The sets in the movie had to be handmade but also needed to look so realistic that it engaged the viewer. As it is shown in the pictures, the actual set is very small. This meant that the cameras had to be placed in such a way that it seemed like the actors were actually on the set and the action was also happening on the set. Even with the lack of many of the materials we have now, the movie makers were able to create such an engaging film with many visual effects that it seemed like the action was actually happening.In order to understand why this movie was so iconic when it released, we need to think about the type of technology that the filmmakers had access to. This was back in 1977 when most people had not seen many visual effects. They were not very used to seeing lights and explosions and many other effects portrayed in such a way that it made the viewer seem like they were in the middle of the action. We also need to have background information on what movies were like before Star Wars. Movies before this did have action but there was very little visual effects. We also need to know some background on what the Star Wars movies are about. The movies are set in an entirely different galaxy where there is a war going on. There are many futuristic devices and places that the viewers were not familiar with. Therefore, the movie was a completely new point of view compared to other movies before Star Wars. Since the viewers were not familiar with this, the special effects helped engage the viewers. The makers of the movie also had to be very creative with how they built the sets and how it showed up in the movie. As shown in the pictures, the actual set was very small. However, in the movie, it appears as if the actors are actually in that place. The special effects such as the devices, lights, and explosions almost pulled the viewer into the film. The special effects are what made the movie so iconic as well.Since the movie had so many engaging visual effects, people were almost in awe of the movie. When viewing the movie, it impresses me that the producers of the movie were able to create something similar to the computer generated effects that we have now. Even without the technology that we now have, the creators of the movie were able to come up with ideas to make it visually appealing. Many of the lights and explosions looked so realistic that they almost made me think that I was in the movie myself. Although this doesn’t exactly match modern special effects, it comes pretty close to them. The special effects in this Star Wars movie are almost equally appealing to those that we have today such as computer generated effects. When it comes to how creative the special effects are, the special effects in the Star Wars movie would have required more creativity. The makers of the movie had to not only come up with the special effects, but also figure out how to set them up so that when filming, it looks like the actors are actually part of the effects. The special effects also have to engage the reader. Even though modern day computers do all of this, it requires more creativity and thinking to come up with the effects yourself.