“The my fond memories from childhood is when,

“The ultimate happiness doesn’t lies in achieving the results, it lies in the type of route you                 choose to achieve them”-My father Value taught by parents   I always had a predilection towards science and mathematics and it was evident from my marks                as I scored 9 and 8 CGPA in respective subjects in 10?th standard. One of my fond memories                  from childhood is when, with utmost innocence I asked my father about how a car runs. His                 cheeky reply about a bomb being present in car to make it move made me curious about the                  mechanism behind it. From that day my curiosity and interest towards automobiles and             specifically towards the science behind them increased rapidly. Further in my life, this interest of               mine inspired me to opt Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in senior secondary grade. In my               opinion education in school time is the wheels that drives you through the process of acquiring                knowledge and to your goals whereas  curiosity is the fuel that drives these wheels.   After my senior secondary school I decided to leave my country and pursue engineering in               India, country producing 11 Lakhs engineers in a year. I received admission in one of the most                 reputed colleges of engineering – DIT University- by getting into top 20 percentile students of               AIEEE entrance examination. However, my journey to become an engineer began with some             trouble as in beginning I faced some visa issues which impacted my scores badly in my first                 year of college. These results never de-motivated me and gave me strength to However, It’s               truly said, when someone is destined for something good, an opportunity came and I was               selected in the college Baja team. In the first year of the team I was in chassis department and                   represented my team in the virtual round where our team couldn’t qualify for the main event.                This failure got me motivated more than ever before and with the help of my mates, I built a                   team ?again this time as team captain which went on to secure 34?th rank out of 250 teams in the                     main event. During this tenure I learned in depth knowledge of ANSYS software and wrote a                research paper in on the topic “Simulation of ATV roll cage testing” in which I was the first                  author.   With the decrement of non-renewable resources and with increasing pollution levels in India             combined with government’s initiate to promote energy efficient services in public transport            systems, inspired me to develop something related to sustainable/renewable energy and it is             then, when I started a project to study the methodology behind electrifying an IC engine three                wheel auto rickshaw. The aim was to make a smart vehicle which could solve the problem of                 last mile connectivity in urban areas , the main design features was to design a battery                controller a such that it could power a vehicle in the morning and at night it power the house in                    case of emergency/power failure and vehicle will have inbuilt GPS system and internet             connectivity so the passenger can locate the vehicle on map and it will be safe for working                 women at night as well , the battery can be charged in one hour up to 90 percent and in later                     stages the this vehicle can be used as driverless pod for urban cities.   After my college, I decided to work and joined M.K Industries in 2016 as a quality control                 engineer in powder coating division, where I learned to minimize the wastage while maintaining              the quality and trained technical professional and staff on various aspects of quality control              activities.   Even with a job, I used to work on my electric vehicle project and with gradual learning’s I                  became aware about the scope of improvement and need of advance knowledge and research              in the project, so to satisfy the quest of knowledge, I decided to pursue my masters. Canada, a                  country which is one of world’s most educated in terms of higher studies and has a vibrant                 culture for startup ecosystem. During my research for astute universities in the country, I came               across information about Waterloo university and on further exploration, I found that in the field               of smart electric vehicle the university has vanguard labs such as WatCAR and Autonomoose              which made me more determined to pursue masters from Waterloo.   My goal to contribute to the society by the use of knowledge I acquired over the years and to                   expand my knowledge is my primary reason behind pursuing for further studies. Waterloo             University would prove to be the initial stepping stone towards my goal. My short term career                goals is to do masters followed by entrepreneurship in the field of smart electric vehicles and I                 feel Canada and Waterloo University are best suited to my interests.   It would be a great help if am provided with opportunity for conducting a research or training                 assistantship as it would not only alleviate the money management but also help me to get                better acquainted to advance methodologies and work environment which would prove as a             catalyst to achieve my goals. I covet to, sometimes exacting and arduous, demands of a               research program and feel confident that with my diligence and goal oriented approach, I will               make a difference in present researches and would maintain the standards set by your              university.