There are sharing of values and goals. Synergy

There are different types of elder
abuse such as physical, financial, social, negligence, psychological and sexual.

Psychological refer to emotional
abuse in terms of language or action itself that will bring sensation of fear
and intimidation.

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In healthcare the type of abuse that
are mostly reported by family is the negligence their elder is been
involve.  The caregiver will deliberately
not supply food, or change dirty bed linen, or will not give the bath correctly
to the elder with disabilities and impairments.

Organizational and Policy Levels

The partnerships and its working
decides and develops an environment that will form the organizational and
related policies (Glasby & Dickinson, 2008)

In another
word, all professional including doctors, nurses, support worker, service user
who is using the service shall collaborate and respect specific policy to
enhance the quality of the services. 
Here it is the combination of both the service user professional and the
interpersonal on a long term role.  It is
essential for an efficient partnership that there is the sharing of risk, responsibility,
accountability or of course the benefits among all the partners involve. A
successful collaboration is when there are sharing of values and goals.

Synergy can be defined as the
breakthroughs in thinking and action that are produced when a collaborative
process successfully combines the complementary knowledge, skills, and
resources of a group of participants (Lasker, Weiss, and Miller, 2000; Fried
and Rundall, 1994; Gray, 1998; Mattesich and Monsey, 1992; Richardson and
Allegrante, 2000).

Synergy is the advantage that
partnerships gain by involving diverse people and organizations in the
community. Moreover, it is a mechanism that explains how broad community
participation strengthens the ability of partnerships to identify, understand,
and solve complex problems (Lasker, Weiss, and Miller, 2001)

Corrigan stated that an effective
implementation of the partnership brings the additional knowledge, confidence
and skills that are essential for the planning of the health care services (2005).

            Policy and
procedure is an important tools in our life of everyday that is working, member
in an association or else. The reason is that we need to know our boundaries in
each and every action we are doing in all the above mention situations.

In healthcare they have internal policy and they must also
comply with some act of the country or sometimes international policies.  It is a guideline that will help the
organisation to achieve their objective or to perform any collaboration.  Regarding internal rules it will applicable
exclusive for all the service user professional and staff in the specific

All these policies are vital to maintain the safe environment
for everyone and also control some behaviour according to specific working
situation.  The management must always
keep these internal policies up to date. It is important for an organisation to
review his policies every tear according to the tendency, this will bring
encouragement among the staff.