There of my duties as an older sister

There are many organizations that provide leadership opportunities.  I have served and led in classes, community
service groups, sports teams, Girl Scouts, and student council.  Of all the leadership activities one of my most fulfilling
leadership experiences is being an older sister. I have one biological
sister and I got two step-sisters through marriage in 2016. Some of my duties
as an older sister include babysitting, the teaching of skills, and sticking up
for my sisters in the face of bullies.G1 

When my biological
sister, Leia, and I were in elementary school there came a time when I would
have to stick up for my sister in a way I never had before.  The fateful night we were at a school event that
should have meant teachers all around. But somehow, we ended up alone in a
hallway with two other students. The male student proceeded to grab Leia around
the neck and pull her backward in an almost choke hold. I immediately began
yelling at him to release her and threatening to get a teacher. Shortly
after he let her go then ran off with the other student in the hallway.
Meanwhile, I took Leia to find a teacher so we could tell our story. The boy
ended up getting suspended.G2 

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This was a critical experience for me
because I was finally able to show her instead of just advising her to stand up
to bullies. Before that night I always spoke about what I would do if bullied
but had never actually been on the receiving end. I could have run away or just
stood there in shock, but instead, I decided to fight back against the bully no
matter the consequences. I was not apprehensive about telling my story
afterward to make sure my sister got the justice she deserved.G3 
This event also taught Leia to stand up to her bullies and always know that her
sister had her back through good and bad.G4 

This was the first time in my life where I felt like a
leader. There are many more examples throughout my life where I exhibited
leadership with my sister and in my home. This was the start of me feeling
confident in my ability to lead outside of my home in school and organizations.
In the organizations where I serve and lead I only get to see the impact of my
leadership for a short period of time. I get to observe my sister for the rest
of our lives and witness the impact my leadership has on her. This makes being
an older sister one of the toughest, but most rewarding leadership experiences
I’ve ever gone through.

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