There that can likely be found on the

There is a number of possible trace evidence
that can likely be found on the corpses of the two bodies. There could be fingerprints, hair, blood, and
dirt, fibers from a number of different materials or any other type of debris that
could have been brought in. Gunshot residue should be present since both appear
to have died from gunshot wounds to the head. Blood, or any other types of
biological fluid may also be present.

Investigators should try to collect any trace,
biological, and fingerprint evidence that is present at the scene in order to try
to find out what happened and find a possible suspect or suspects. The Investigators
need to study the evidence to try and determine if this actually a homicide
investigation or if the possibility of a murder/suicide. By collecting all
evidence the investigators should be able to correctly establish who killed our
two victims.

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Investigators need to take a lot of
precautions in order to prevent evidence contamination while collecting and
preserving the evidence. In order for investigators to make certain that they
do not contaminate, mishandle or lose any evidence they must follow a set of
rules that have been put in place by international standards for crime scene
investigations. Investigators must is establish a chain of evidence and follow the
correct techniques while collecting evidence. They must also make sure that they’re
wearing and using the correct equipment.  

Every piece of evidence collected must be
properly recorded, photographed, and signed by the person who collected it.


DNA evidence in a case like this is very important in helping to solving the

 Our assignment says that there are two
dead with apparent gunshot wounds to the head and a fire in the garage. All we
know is that we have two dead people inside the house and a fire in the garage
which is detached from the house.  Now we
need to figure out if we have two victims or one victim and a dead perpetrator.
 We will need to collect as much evidence
as we can to try to figure out if there is anything that leads to a person
other than the two dead in the house. If any DNA is discovered at the scene that
does not belong to our two dead then that could indicate that there is possibly
a third person involved in this crime.