To projects were successfully deployed on time. We

Whom It May Concern,

is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Aruna.B.R.  I have been working with Aruna since the past
two years.  She moved from Centre of
Excellence team to join ours to support the team with Angular JS tasks and has
been working with us ever since then.  Her
technical skills and expertise at a novel technology like Angular JS is noteworthy.

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time I have noted Aruna to be a hardworking and smart employee, who does
justice to any piece of work assigned to her. 
May it be defect fixing or designing; she works with same enthusiasm and
finishes the assigned task on time.  Her
attention to detail is something one just cannot miss.  Most of the time she does the work of a
Quality Analyst as well, ensuring the product delivered is up to the mark.  Her unit testing skills, module ownership and
perfectionism has helped us in avoiding many a P1/P2 issues.  Award received from the Director of our
Project is an owing testimony to it.

in an Agile Scrum framework is painstaking; but Aruna has never let that get to
her.  She has supported development tasks
by stretching her working hours and working on most weekends and thus ensuring
the projects were successfully deployed on time.  We are grateful to have her in the team.

keen interest on software designing was first noticed when we assigned her to
design a Profile Management module.  She
had designed it with utmost care and perfection and has been helping us with
designing tasks as well since then.  That
module indeed had very few defects owing to her designing skills.

has great communication skills.  She
actively participates in the meetings and is never hesitant to ask questions
until all her doubts are cleared.  This
has helped us in identifying some of the gaps in client requirements way before
development sprint started and has also strengthened our rapport with the

is an amazing team player and has also been a great mentor for new hires.  She helps her peers in their tasks and has a
thorough knowledge of the Application; which helps her in guiding the new

has received many awards for her perseverance, accountability, trust and
respect, quality and skillful thinking, strategic thinking and excellence. 

am glad that she took up on her dream of pursuing Masters’.  I am sure, just as she shined here; she will
shine in her Master’s program as well.  I’m
confident that she has everything in her that is required of a Graduate
Student.  Therefore, I recommend, without
reservations of any kind, that Ms. Aruna.B.R., is worthy of admission to study
at your prestigious University.