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We live in era where many business users and organizations need to ascertain quick dataanalysis for taking critical business decisions and defining a framework that minimizes the riskand cost. Up till now Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies have provided stageto model unstructured data into purposeful information. But, with everyday increasing data,traditional BI has started to take months to define, develop and maintain effective analysis.When it has become cumbersome to cope with this unceasing volume of data, big datatechnologies have given hope to provide an effective platform to BI tools.For me, the original magic was always mathematics and I ensured to excel in studies during highschool. I was awarded with a merit scholarship covering all four years of my undergraduatestudies at one of the best college of my state – L.D. College of Engineering.From the beginning, I have always adopted an approach to learn conceptual basics of thesubject at hand, which I believe, is fundamental requirement to build solid foundation of anysubject. My acuteness in logic gave me a niche in learning programming languages – Java and C.Catching opportunity to hone my abilities of programming of Java and web technologies, Iparticipated in the national level software development competition The Great Mind Challenge(TGMC), organized by IBM-India. Core subjects Theory of Computation and Compiler Designgave me deep understanding of computational processes by means of mathematical models. Ialso did internship at Optimatrix Solutions to build an android application “Location”.Altogether, in these four years, I got comprehensive knowledge of the field by learning corecourses and practically implementing course curriculum through lab-works, projects,certifications and internship.However, I was primarily interested in Big Data. Hans Rosling’s Gapminder software, presentedon Ted Talks, was the motivation for my interest towards Big Data problems and immenseopportunities for advanced research further fascinated me. Following my passion, I selected’Big Data and Performance Analysis’ as 5th semester seminar topic where I presented myresearch on performance of the Hadoop File System and contrasted it with traditional databasesystems, in terms of processing speed and cost.In following year, to get in-depth knowledge of this field, I chose final year project: ‘MonitoringTollbooth and Collecting Toll Electronically using RFID’ aiming to work with continuouslyincreasing and large amount of data. I handled average of 150 transaction/second using parallelprocessing techniques, Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) of distributed database system andAmazon cloud storage to provide real time calculation of bills and analyzed reports. Thisexperience improved my skills on algorithms and high performance computing technologieswhich are essential for Big Data. And I was a standout performer of my batch in above courses.2 Siddharth Shah, International Graduate Applicant – 2015I was introduced to Business Intelligence and Analytics technologies when I joinedTata Consultancy Services (TCS) as full time job. I worked on different projects associated withOrder Management System for a retailer client – ‘Best Buy’. Here, I got opportunity to interactdirectly with latest SQL Server BI technologies such as – Parallel Data Warehouse(PDW), MasterData Services(MDS) and reporting service(SSRS), which inclined me towards the sphere of datawarehousing and mining. I provided analysis of terabytes of open orders designing datamartsfor OLAP operations and then reports on top of datamarts. For my contribution in delivery ofprojects, TCS awarded me as “Star Performer” for the year 2014, which has established analtogether different level of confidence in my abilities. Moreover, the organized environmenttransformed me into being more channelized and groomed me with professional disciplines. Icertainly am confident that this experience is going to be a stern foundation towards my careerahead.While my academic endeavor rooted strong foundation of computer engineering and raisedfondness for big data, my professional experience strengthened my understanding of the fieldand gave me a vision for the road ahead. Driven by the scope, strength and urgency of big dataand BI domains, I can’t deny the urge in me to fathom its crust. With The University of TexasDallas dominating every corner of Data Science with numerous related coursers and havingstandalone track for specializations in Data Science, it becomes the perfect stepping stone tomy journey ahead. I would like to gain thorough knowledge on Machine Learning and Big Dataunder guidance of Professor Haim Schweitzer and Professor Latifur Khan. The exhaustiveresearch work at Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science is the greatestincentive to dedicate a lifetime exploring the innumerable applications of data sciences.I call Data Science the magic of today, and all I need to become a magician is further exposureto both in-depth theory and extensive practice – both of which will be fulfilled at The Universityof Texas Dallas through graduate studies in Computer Science with main concentration on DataScience.