We my friends, is the great fear of

We have all experienced fear at some time, in some way or situation.Maybe you’ve felt them when you see a movie, or when you did not know what to say when they passed you in front of your class. That is the most common type of fear.But what about the fear of a change, of an opportunity, of a future, of your future?  That my friends, is the great fear of today. The fear that keeps us stuck in the misery in which we are.Because fear can become a wall that separates what you are from what you could become and do in your life, the change you could achieve in your life and in many more.Because thanks to fear we can let go, opportunities, success, a future, love, a family, happiness, and by the time we realize that it is probably too late and there is nothing left but repentance.But why do we give fear so much power? Fear is nothing more than an emotion, therefore it is energy!Fear is accepted and your favor is used to overcome it.Because overcoming fear is a challenge that does not define your courage or your courage, but the desire for change.Overcoming fear will be the best fuel you will have to propel you forwardBecause every great change, every action, action that generates a change in a personal, intimate or radical way starts with a little bit of mido.For all those people who leave behind their dreams, who leave behind opportunities, who leave behind a change they had decided to make but that was not possible thanks to fear.I invite you to let the mido enter you, just for a minute, and nothing more.So they can think, reflect, analyze and consider a future, an opportunity, a change, success and happiness in their life. And possibly that of many others, who let themselves be consumed by fear.Sometimes what really motivates us to make a radical change in our attitude, or in the way necessary to achieve success is fear.Because feeling fear is not wrong, it is wrong to let fear consume you and immobilize you.But if you use fear as the motivation and strength to be able to get ahead, itts fine, in fact I invite you to try it, because just as we can take opportunities for fear, fear can motivate you in the same wayAnd what if u think how much you can win doin somethin in olace to think what you can lose.Some times we need the glas in diferent ways.